Friday, January 10, 2014

Worthy of Redemption (Accidentally on Purpose, #2)Title:  Worthy of Redemption
Series:  Accidentally on Purpose (Book 2)
Author:  L. D. Davis
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

5 out of 5 Crazy Shout to the Roof Notes because Kyle Sterling you are so Worthy of Redemption! 

L. D. Davis is absolutely amazing and just when I thought she couldn't pull off the intense, can't put the freaking book down syndrome again....she throws me for a loop and I'm once again up all damn night reading her book!
Worthy of Redemption is book 2 in the Accidentally on Purpose series and features Kyle's story.  Davis takes us back a little to give us Kyle's perspective after he delivered the unforgettable blow to Emmy in Accidentally on Purpose. Davis then fast forwards us to present time where she brings past and present together to form an untimely love story that kept me on the edge of my seat. 
Kyle Sterling is working to put the pieces of his life back together after he's released from drug rehabilitation.  He isn't interested in finding love, or moving on to the next relationship because he believes he has lost the love of his life (Emmy), and further more, his ability to deserve love after the way he hurt Emmy. Lily Whitman has a tremulous past riddled with heartache and pain. She knows Kyle is bad news but can't seem to help her attraction to him.  Resigned to accept that she will never be his type, not with all her piercings and tattoos, Lily decides the best thing she could offer Kyle is her friendship.

Worthy of Redemption was a phenomenal followup to Accidentally on Purpose.  Kyle is so broken over what happened to Emmy, and Lily was just the person to initiate healing his wounds.  Lily is a strong heroine that put true meaning into unconditional love, because that's exactly what she gave Kyle.  Even when I was ready to give up on him and was yelling at Lily to just let the jerk go, she found a way to redeem him. As with the first book, L.D. Davis sends fans reeling on an emotional roller coaster, right before she takes you to the edge, and leaves you feeling that there is no hope for the couple and they simply will not be able to come back from Kyle's latest antics.

Worthy of Redemption is worth all 5 Freaking Fan-tas-tic Notes I'm giving it and more!  Davis is cleaver and engaging writer, with a eye for dramatic flare and I LOVED this book!  If you haven't read the first book in the series, WTF are you waiting for....go now, clear your scheduled, and devour that baby because book 2 is even better.  5 Notes and 5 Flames because the book was AWESOME but also HOT!


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