Sunday, October 20, 2013

9795263Title: Kindling the Moon
Series: Arcadia Bell (Book 1)
Author: Jenn Bennett
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Kindling the Moon is about a bar owner named Arcadia Bell who seems like the typical co-owner of a bar, but the bar's targeted consumer customers are demons. Yep that's right demons. The world this book takes place in is one where demons and magicians exist. Arcadia does not like to be referred to as a witch but a magician. Demons in this world have halos, which is how they are able to tell each other apart. Humans are referred to as savages, and although Arcadia could be considered a savage, she is not the typical magician because she has a halo. Are you confused yet? You see, Arcadia's parents are hardcore magicians and performed a ritual for her conception, resulting in Arcadia being born with a halo. Demons are not sure what to make of her which makes it perfect for Arcadia to operate a demon bar.

While the first part of the book was necessary to do some word building, the story really starts to get interesting when we find out that Arcadia is not who she says she is. This chick has some ghosts in her closet...fake ghost. Just a funny haha, they do not believe ghost are real but demons are. Like really?! Back to the story. Arcadia's family had to fake their deaths after her parents were accused of murdering a few people. These were not just common people. The folks her parents were supposed to have killed are leaders of  different magical communities. The head leader of one of the largest communities wants her parents in retribution for the deaths, or for Arcadia to turn herself in. This sends Arcadia on the mission of proving her parents innocence. Luckily for Arcadia she has a neighbor name Father Carrow. I mean like in the Catholic Church terms. Anyway, this Father Carrow is a demon so he is better prepared to help out Arcadia. Now on a mission to help Arcadia the best way he can, Father Carrow introduces her to Lon Butler. Mr. Butler has the information that Arcadia could use to find what really happened to the murdered leaders to clear her folks. What Arcadia and Lon did not see coming is a fast growing love. Oh FYI, Lon is a demon....with a kid.

This book moved kinda slow for me in the beginning but it did not take long for the story to pick-up. I really enjoyed the interaction between Arcadia and Lon's son that name. Lon is still recovering from a horrible marriage so he has is guards up big time when it comes to Arcadia. His kid on the other hand loves "Cady" Arcadia from jump street. The story keeps a steady pace and has no ADD moments in the middle of the book. My definition of an ADD moment is when the author is deep in the storyline then all a sudden the next few chapter skip to a completely different situation. I absolutely hate those moments....I just had one myself. LOL. I am looking forward to reading the next book Summoning the Night because I want to know how the relationship between Arcadia and Lon/Jupiter progresses and how Arcadia recovers from the truth she was able to undercover about her parents.  I'm giving this one 3 notes and 2 flames!  Hey what can I say, it's an urban fantasy so the sex wasn't hot!


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