Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell, #2)Title: Summoning the Night
Series: Arcadia Bell (Book 2)
Author: Jenn Bennett
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Heat Level: 1 Flame

Arcadia is still having a hard time getting over the betrayal of her parents. Thankfully, Lon and Jupe are still in the picture to help her move forward. In Summoning the Night, Caddy, Lon and Jupe are on yet another adventure at solving the Snatcher case.

Arcadia is working on getting her life but on track and doing a great job at it until the head of the Hellfire Club ask to meet with her and Lon. From appearance, you would think Dare is a good guy but wait until you get to know him better.(He is a complete arse hat.) Lon and Dare have a lot of history between them so seeing the way Dare treats Caddy really hurt my feelings. Anyway, during the meeting Dare ask/make Caddy take the case of finding out who the Snatcher is and where he has taken the kids. This is important for Dare since these are Hellfire member's children being kidnapped. Mind you this is a thirty year old case and with only one suspect that disappeared. To add to the challenge, Lon is trying to get Caddy to practice her new Moonchild abilities but she is afraid. Caddy believes that she will go as crazy as her parents from the power of her ability. These Moonchild powers are going to help Caddy and Lon get out of a few sticky situations. Jupe gets to add his teenage drama by coming into his knack early. Due to Lon's ability to transmutate his demon state, Jupe's knack develops a tad bit different. While Lon can sense the emotions of those around him, Jupe has the knack of persuasion. Lon nor Caddy believe him at first but after a trip to the therapist they are proven wrong. In order to solve the case Jupe's knack plus Bob, a newbie Hajo, Lon, and Caddy must team up to search for the missing kids plus the Snatcher. Jupe by far has too much fun because not only does he get to use this new knack but he gets to meet his first junkie. (Dude was seriously excited about this.)

Summoning the Night was a good continuation of the Acradia Bell series. Jenn Bennett is able to show Caddy's struggle to overcome the betrayal of her parents while she grows closer to Lon and Jupe. Jupe is still my favorite character of this series. Without Jupe, things would not be as exciting. We also get some Mr.Piggy time. (I so want a hedgehog.) We get a lot more Lon and Caddy moments than in Kindling The Moon which is great. When I thought I had it figured out who the Snatcher was I was proven wrong. When you find out who the Snatcher actually is you will have an O-M-FREAKING-G moment. Can't wait to get my hands on Binding the Shadows to see what these three get into next. This book gets 3.5 notes and 1 flame.


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