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Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me: One Night with Sole Regret Anthology Series #1 | [Olivia Cunning]Title: Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me
Series: One Night with Sole Regret (Books 1-3)
Author: Olivia Cunning
Narrator: Justine O. Keef
Genre: Erotic Romance

Try Me

The One Night with Sole Regret series starts with Gabe and Melanie. Gabe is the sexy drummer of the group Sole Regret. Like any rocker, Gabe is approached by women on a daily basis and sleeps with them just as often. During an after party, Gabe has his eye on one lucky lady but is unsure of himself when he finds out that this women is friends with the lead singer's current conquest. Melanie is an accountant that gets pulled from concert to concert by her hot in the pants best friend. On this
occasion, Melanie is talked into a Sole Regret concert and dragged into the after party. Melanie is out of her comfort zone while at these concerts because she is afraid of guys with tattoos or more to the point guys that do not dress conservatively. While at the after party, she thought she was safe when a cute guy that seemed to be normal approached her. What Melanie did not know until it was too late is that the cute guy is Gabe, Sole Regret's drummer. This does not stop the romance from starting because they still share one very hot night and morning together. Neither of them thought that something would become of this one night stand.

I am interested to see where their story goes. Their relationship started so fast that I look forward to seeing if things work out. The one night they had together so far is very hot and heavy. Gabe was able to be his true self and let his nerd side out and Melanie was able recognize that looks can be deceiving.

Tempt Me

Another one bites the dust. As we move through Sole Regret, Adam has his chance to talk about his love Madison. Adam is the lead guitarist for the rock group but the lifestyle is working it's way to killing him. You see, Adam has a drug addiction that brings down the group. Adam is trying to get on the right path so he has Madison as his sponsor.  One thing leads to another and now Madison is his booty call whenever he is in Dallas. Adam tries his best to change his life because he really wants Madison to be proud of him but his deadbeat dad is present and making things difficult. One night in Dallas, Adam and Madison are finally able to spend time together and Madison plans to end things with dude. Madison loves Adam but she's not sure of he wants something more than just cookie on demand. There is also drama between Adam and the lead singer Jacob Silverton that makes adds fuel to Adam's already downward spiral. The continuous disconnect with the group and Adam's personal life may be his downfall.

I like that we got a lot of back story on Adam because we are able to understand his challenge. I wish we could get back to his story before book 7 because the ending just left hanging. I am hoping in Jacob's book that we will get some Adam because their relationship is on the rocks.

Take Me

We finally get to meet the women that takes Jacob Silverton down. Jacob does not have the best track record with women but he finally gets a chance with one woman he actually loves. Jacob is the lead singer in the band Sole Regret and while in between shows has a chance to go to his daughter's birthday party. Unfortunately, Jacob and his ex wife do not have the best of relationships and was only able to spend about ten minutes with his baby girl. While walking away from the house his dream walked into reality. Amanda has had a crush on Jacob since he was dating her sister. Too bad for her, this made Jacob off limits. She does make it easier for Jacob to see his daughter though by sending him text when there is an event. Well after the party, Amanda offers Jacob a ride home because he car was stolen. On the car ride to Jacob's house, they start to reconnect/flirt and Amanda gets invited to a movie night. One thing leads to another and we get to find out that Jacob has a hot kink that involves an erotic performance. After their night together, another member of Sole Regret is hit with the love bug and we get to watch this love affair develop.

I liked Jacob's story the most so far. The history that the two characters have makes the storyline seem to flow better. How Amanda and Jacob are trying to fight their attraction to each other in an effort to keep the peace within the family brings a realistic view to the book. The one thing I do hate about this book is that I have to wait until book eight to get back to this story.

The overall rating for these books is 3 notes and 3.5 flames. For the most part the stories are good and the night activities are very nice but I needed more story.



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