Monday, December 9, 2013

Taming the Alpha (Crescent Moon, #1)Title:  Taming the Alpha
Series:  Crescent Moon Series (Book 1)
Author:  Savannah Stuart
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

I have made it no secret that I LOVE shifter series, especially those that include wolf shifters.  I was pleasantly surprised to discovered Taming the Alpha, a little mini series written by Savannah Stuart and have enjoyed the little slices of life she provides readers of the Crescent Moon Pack.

Grant Kincaid is the alpha to the Crescent Moon Pack and owner of several pack businesses, including a bar that employs humans and shifters alike. Being alpha and a business owner, Grant has a strict policy to not date or sleep with any of his employees.  Well that particular policy gets thrown right out the freaking window when the sexy cute human Talia walks in looking for a job.

Talia has been having the time of her life getting hot and heavy between the sheets with Grant for quite some time.  Realizing that she's starting to feel more than lust for Grant, Talia makes the decision to issue him an ultimatum....give her more or end their fling!  

 Taming the Alpha is a novella length book but it is packed with humor, a little action, and of course a love story.  The story takes readers through Grant's struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Talia while also giving some insight into his fear that she will never accept him after she learns the truth....that he's a wolf shifter.  He pretty much gets knocked over the head and forced into action when he arrives for his usual Friday night rump in the hay and Talia is getting ready to go out on a date. Talia has had it with Grant only making time for sex.  Never taking her on a date and showing her off to his friends, Talia resigns to herself that Grant can never provide her what she needs.  Even though he is great in bed, Talia desires more and will even go as far as to break her own heart. 

If you want a short read that doesn't skimp on the storyline, pick up a copy of Taming the Alpha by Savannah Stuart.  You'll love it.  I'm giving this one 3 notes and 4 flames.


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