Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Title:  Bold Tricks
Series:  The Artists Trilogy (Book 3)
Author:  Karina Halle
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Bold Tricks is the final installment in Karina Halle's intense saga about 3 individuals, all with stains on their souls and their journey to their individual versions of the end of the rainbow.  HOLY Cow, this book was intense, bold, suspenseful, and downright mind boggling!  Karina Halle delivers a freaking fan-tas-tic ending to a series that has just been beyond amazing!

I refuse to ruin even one morsel of the book for those who haven't had a chance to pick up a copy yet but I will tell you it picks up exactly where it left off in Shooting Scars and we find ourselves against trying to figure out Javier's true intentions.  Additionally, the tension between Camden and Ellie is even more suffocating that you can possibly imagine.

I'll admit that I started this book still on the fence about whether or not I remained Team Camellie (Camden & Ellie) and by the end I definitely took a side and I'm damn happy about how it all ended!  There is just so much that happens in this book so I'm going to issue a warning:  Do NOT start this book unless you have ample time to keep reading, can stay up all night long and still go to work, or you're at least prepared to call into work claiming to be sick!  There are gun fights, police chases, car bombs, shoot outs and just when you think things are coasting back to normal, Halle takes you on another impossible spin.  It's like getting on a roller coaster and conquering the main huge drop only to go around the corner and notice you have one more coming!

Overall the story was Awesome and I'm glad I jumped on board!  It's a series that will remain in my pile of books that I must have in both book and audiobook format (hint hint Audible)!  While the book contains a multitude of action, at the heart is still the ultimate love story and what 2 people will do to ultimately end up together!  Here's a few of my favorite lines from the book.

I love you, he said, his voice gruff.  And I'll have you. Keep you. Own you. You belong to me, only to me, from now on. ~ Karina Halle
This was the puzzle piece, the part that made my heart stop hurting, my soul stop bleeding.  With each thrust of him, up to the hilt, he filled me with hope.  He erased the death.  He gave me life, if only for that moment, when we were joined as one, and I was a better version than the girl I was before. ~Karina Halle
 I know, mind blowing....swoons.....!  The dude that says these words has my heart forever! If you loved the other books, don't be afraid to pick this one up.  It is a wild ride that will take you through quite a few emotions but in the end it is totally worth the ride.  I'm giving Bold Tricks 4 notes and 5 flames!  Go read it Now!

Disclaimer:  Bold Tricks was an advanced reading copy provided to me by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.  I was not provided any monetary compensation, and this review reflects my honest opinion of the book.


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