Monday, October 14, 2013

Hola Chickies!  Our features series for this week is the Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall. This is another one of our audiobook only series because we started them out that way and can't imagine checking in on our favorite characters either way!

So this series is about a group of Immortal Guardians that are very similar to vampires however they are slightly different.  Like vampires, they require blood but only to heal and only in small quantities, they are allergic to sunlight and they are super strong.  Unlike vampires, they require actual food and often wield special gifts such as telepathy, mind reading abilities, healing abilities, etc. They are created from "gifted" humans and are infected with the vampire virus, however the virus simply makes them stronger, heightens their gifts, and makes them immortal.  True vampires are driven crazy from the infection and after about 3 months of being infected their brain cells diminish and they lose control of their actions resulting in mass killing among the human population. It is the jobs of the Immortal Guardians to protect the human race from True Vampires while remaining hidden in the shadows.   They are led by an Immortal named Seth who appears to be a much older version of themselves.  Readers don't really know what Seth is but we do know he isn't what he appears to be!

What we like most about this series is that it isn't your typical vampire story and unlike the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dianne Duvall appears to have a definite storyline arc that she doesn't really deviate from.  The Immortal Guardians are helped by an elite group of mortals who fight along side them and help aid their needs.  There is quite a bit of action and loads of mystery that keeps readers engaged!  It also helps that Duvall can write a steamy scene that makes your toes curl and leaves you running for your nearest "um personal fix" via significant other or BOB (battery operated boyfriend)!  LOL  too funny to me!  Anyway, if you're a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Midnight Breeds Series, or anything similar, pick up the Immortal Guardians series and give it a try!  Oh and check out Celie's crazy review of Darkness Rises, the latest book by Duvall!


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