Thursday, October 10, 2013

Title: Darkness Rises
Series: Immortal Guardians (Book 4)
Author: Dianne Duvall
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Welcome to the fourth book in the Immortal Guardian series. This book left me wanting so much more. In Darkness Rises, we get to the story of the immortal √Čtienne (henceforth referred to as ATM cause spelling his name and pronouncing his name is beyond me!) and the gifted female Krysta. Let me give you a brief history on them both.

√Čtienne, ummm ATM has been an immortal for over two centuries and fights alongside his twin brother Richart, whom I call Richard, and sister Lisette. I am so happy I listened to the other books because without having had the audiobook version, I would have been clueless to pronouncing the difficult names!While ATM is out on a patrol he stumbles across a chick coming out of a frat house appearing drunk. To his surprise, chick was not drunk but actually playing as bait to get the attention of vampires. ATM stood back to watch the fight for a little while just to see what this “human” had going through her mind. While standing and watching her fight, he has no idea that his life has changed forever.
Krysta is a gifted female who hunts vampires at night with her brother Sean who is also gifted, but only acts as her healer and getaway driver. While fighting for her life with vampires, she meets the mysterious immortal and the one man she did not see coming….ATM (√Čtienne). At first look, she thought he was just like any other vampire, however his aura was completed different. See Krysta’s gift is that she can see the auras of vampires and immortals. ATM left her puzzled because his aura is different from the vampires, but more importantly he never attack her and instead made sure she was okay. Luckily for Krysta, ATM did let her leave that alley, but he surely did not leave her life!

This book takes place after the show down fight in Bastien’s book.... you know, the fight over the sedative that was made to incapacitate the immortals. Well Seth and David believed they had removed all memory of this drug until now. I absolutely loved this book, because ATM is such a sweetheart!  It was so funny to me that every time his phone rang in the book, it was set to something crazy. Dude fell in love with Krysta at first sight and she felt the same. It was nice seeing a new type of heroine in the series that is a bad ass from the start!

Another plus about this book is that we get an update on Ami the alien and how how she's adjusting to her new circumstances. Remember she married Marcus and is preggo. Some interesting interactions happen between Zach and Lisette. FYI, the word is that Zach’s book is being written now! YEAK. My theory is that Lisette and Zach are going to mate. I wanna see how Seth is going to take that love connection. Anywho, we still do not know what the heck Seth is. I was hoping to get an answer about Seth since Krysta kept questioning what he was because his aura is different from the immortals and the vampires...but alas we get nothing. Can’t wait until Seth's book is written! Overall this book took me for a ride and Darkness Rises is a great continuation of the series and I'm looking forward to the next book!  I give this one 4 notes and 3 flames!

 Disclaimer:  Darkness Rises was an advanced reading copy provided to me by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.  I was not provided any monetary compensation, and this review reflects my honest opinion of the book.


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