Monday, October 21, 2013

Title: Hunter's Moon
Series:  Moon Series (Book 2)
Author:  Lisa Kessler
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

WOW just when you think Lisa Kessler can't pull off the impossible, she sneaks in, sends you through a whirlwind of emotions, and makes you fall in love with an irredeemable character! We last saw Sasha at the end of Moonlight right after she reeked havoc, by attempting to turn Lana over to Nero, resulting in Malcolm's death.  Malcolm was the pack alpha, as well as Adam and Aren's dad,and he died taking a bullet meant for Lana.  During the final battle, a wolf is seen dragging Sasha's limp body off into the woods leaving readers wondering whether she was left dead or alive.

Hunter's Moon picks up a few months after Moonlight and it is evident that things have not gone back to normal for Aren.  Aren has been going off on mysterious trips and making excuses about his whereabouts leaving Adam worried and other pack members wondering what's really going on.  Well it seems during one of the many times Sasha subdued Aren, she head butted him causing skin-to-skin contact that awakened Aren's wolf to instantly recognize his mate......Sasha. Cue my emotional angst because how can Aren forgive Sasha's actions when they led to his father's death, hurt his brother's mate, and shattered his ankle!

Sasha learned the hard way that others can't be trusted. I mean the last man she trusted bit her, turned her into a jaguar shifter, and then killed her witness. Now the same organization that made promises to her has sent an assassin who is threatening her innocent sister, and she has no choice but to turn to the one man that has no reason to help her.  I refuse to go into specifics from the book because I don't wish to taint the experience for others, but I will say that I found myself really loving Aren's character and respecting his incredible ability to forgive.

Hunter's Moon is a true testament of the phrase love heals all wounds and gives us the power to forgive.  Sasha and Aren lite up the pages, and even though their relationship was rocky, they found a way to move past their individual faults and learn to trust one another.  I really loved the ending of the book and Kessler does such a great job of putting Sasha in the spotlight (literally) and allowing her to shine.  I am also quite intrigued to see what's going to happen next because events at the end of this book leaves many unanswered questions....including what will happen to Sasha's younger sister Nadya.  I think I know but.......

If you loved Moonlight then you will be over the moon about Hunter's Moon!  I'm giving this one 5 full freaking notes and 3 flames! Lisa has fast become one of my favorite authors...and to think I had her on the "to read" list forever!  Now I must read her vampire series.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Hunter's Moon!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book... :)



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