Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to another episode of On the Couch with Celie. I hope you were able to live tweet with Nettie and I while we watched Arrow. We are Team Ollicity (Olivier and Felicity)...Nettie is good with words. If you missed us, we will live tweet again on Wednesday @ 8 p.m. This week I was able to surf my DVR and watch some shows that I have missed. Just FYI, Sleepy Hallow will return on Nov. 4. So, lets discuss:

The Tomorrow People
This show reminds me of the movie Jumper. There is this group of humans with a mutation that gives them the power to teleport, mind speak, and do telekinesis. There is more that they can do but those are the things they mostly have in common. The main character, Stephen, has been living his life thinking he was hearing voices and was not able to explain why he would go to bed at home but wake up in the neighbor's room. His mom has had him going to see a therapist and on medication to help explain his issues. Well Stephen does not have a problem, he was born with a mutation from his father that allows him to be a little special. One night, Stephen decided to listen to the voice and this took him to The Tomorrow People. This show is interesting to me because as the storyline develops, I get more and more pulled in. Nettie and I have a theory that Stephen's dad is still alive and his Uncle has him hidden.

I am liking this show. This show is about a woman that is not satisfied in her marriage and meets a mystery man. This mystery man is also not happy in his marriage and one night at a gala meets his mystery women. Sara is a photographer that is one of many presenters at said gala. While stepping away for air she meets Jack already getting air. These two have chemistry from jump but are able to walk away. They did not stay apart long. Leaving for a business trip, Sara is surprised to see Jack whom give her a preposition for a night together. That night was interrupted by a call from Sara's son and the act was put on ice. After that, Jack shows up at Sara's studio and the affair begins. I am liking this show because I want to see how the affair plays out. The big OMFG moment so far is that we learn Jack, an attorney, will be representing a case against Sara's husband, an attorney.

The Originals
This show is a spin off from Vampire's Diaries. The Originals is about the original vampires....duh. The Originals features three of the siblings; Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. So far this show is about the originals being summoned back to their hometown New Orleans, LA. This town was once ran by the siblings but once they left the city another vampire took it upon himself to make it his own. The new "mayor" of New Orleans is Marcel. Marcel was made into a vampire by Klaus. Klaus looked at Marcel as a son until Marcel and Rebekah had a fling resulting in a rift.  Later Marcel took over New Orleans and the Mikaelson family home. This show has turned into a situation of keep your friends close but you enemies closer. Oh, to make things more interesting Klaus is a vampire/werewolf that has impregnated a werewolf. Marcel has made it a law that werewolves are not allowed in New Orleans and that witches can not practice magic. I am loving this show. I am team Klaus cause that man is crazy as a betsy bug but OMFG sexy.  Nettie is team Marcel and in her words, " with his fine arse." LOL

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
This show did not pull me in after the first episode. I had it in my mind that there was going to be superheroes on the show. I was wrong. This show is basically about a government team that takes on mission that have an inhuman heritage. In the first show, the team added a new member, Skye. Skye has shown to be an interesting addition because she has ulterior motives. I will have to keep watching this show because as of now I am not 100% sold. Currently, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be a show that I watch when nothing else is on.

So, that's my rundown for the last 2 weeks. What are you planning on watching?


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