Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tempting the Fire (ACRO, #5)Title: Tempting the Fire
Series: ACRO (Book 5)
Author: Sydney Croft
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Tempting the Fire is the fifth book in the ARCO series. In most series I have read, after about the third book things start to slow down. Not in ARCO. This series continues to keep me interested and wanting more and this book was in no way a disappointment! Tempting the Fire tells the story of Sela Kahne, an ACRO agent, and Logan Mills. In this installment things got a little interesting because you also get the story of Marlena West, an ACRO agent, and Chance McCormack. I was confused at first trying to decide who's book this actually was, but I just wrote it off as a group book (shrugs). Even though there was a lot going on throughout the book, neither story lacked excitement. Let's discuss.

Sela is an ARCO agent that specializes in cryptozoology, which means she research species that are believed to not exist. Before she was stationed in the crypto department, she was a seducer. Sela has the special skill of reading a person's mind. You would think that is a good thing until you find out that her gift only works if she has sex with the person and they climax. Every gift has to have it's drawback right? Anyway, Sela is currently occupied with the interest of finding the mythical Chupacabra. Sela has it set in her mind that the creature does not exist, and everyone that thinks otherwise is full of themselves. Unfortunately for her, Dev the boss, has a mission for her that sends her into the Amazon to track down said Chupacabra.

Logan is an ex-military man and like most he's part of the wrong family. See, Logan was out on a mission with his team and was ambushed by the enemy. Everyone in his team were killed but luckily for Logan his father had other plans for him. Daddy Mills thought he was doing his son a favor by saving his life but he actually just turned Logan into a living science experiment. Daddy Mills owns a company called GWC that makes weapons plus other items that attracts the attention of companies like Itor. In order to save Logan, Daddy Mills replaced half his body including his part of his brain with bioware. Logan is like a terminator, LOL! So Logan is currently in the Amazon also trying to hunt down the Chupacabra, which his company now, GWC, let escape. Now you can see how this cute couple is going to meet.

Now just a short on Marlena and Chance. Remember Marlena is the chick that used to work for Dev as his secretary until she decided she wanted to be an agent. Marlena was trained to be a seducer even though Dev thought this was a bad idea especially with Marlena's curse of falling in love with anyone she has sex with. Chance is a SEAL that was out on a mission in the Amazon when his unit was attacked by an unknown creature. Are you seeing the connection yet? Chance has the special skill of being able to heal at a rapid rate. So when Chance's team is attacked, he is the only survivor. You would think this is good to live through the attack until Chance transforms into the creature that attacked him. You can probably guess but I'm not gonna say what he turns into. Due to his new living status when he meets the beautiful Marlena, both of their lives start an interesting adventure that then becomes a real love story.

I absolutely loved this book because I got two stories in one plus I got to hear about my favorite characters. Dev and Gabe are still working on their relationship. Gabe is still being a butt by not listening to his instructors and just being a complete jackass. We get some Annika and Creed as well. These two have a huge OMFG moment in the book that I'm too excited to see happen. Even though I was excited, I was still left with some questions that I know will get answered in future books. Annika and Gabe are placed in a situation that is ALL Gabe's fault but luckily they both live. Don't get your hopes up with this book though because someone does die...I know right sad face. I am super excited to start the next book because it is about Stryker and Melanie/Phoebe. This book is going to be interesting because the person that was killed in this book was close to Stryker and of course killed by Phoebe.


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