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Scandal this week starts with Huck and Jake stealing something off Olivia's dad's computer. Cooper from Private Practice is on the show as Fritz's new potential campaign manager. Well that's what Fritz and Millie were aiming for, but it didn't quite work out. Olivia is representing Josie as her campaign manager for president. Josie has a huge secret! Chick had a baby as a teen and she wants Olivia to cover it up pretty much so it doesn't come up while she runs for president. On the mission to find Josie's baby, the team is interviewing people that were close enough to the family to know about the baby. While the team was out investigating, word gets out that the White House has sent their team out to also find the baby. The team discovered that the baby was not adopted but Josie's mother raised the baby to be her sister. At the campaign debate, the competition tried to throw Josie under the bus about the baby but it didn't work. Josie took that time to talk about the baby but while speaking her "sister" figured out that she is said baby. After the debate, Olivia comments to Josie that she handles the situation beautifully but Josie did not think the same and fired her.

I was so proud of Olivia because she threw the phone in the trash that connected her to Fritz in front of Jake. Later in the episode while Liv was in her personal phone the stupid phone in the trash started ringing her she went and got it! UGH. Fritz had the nerves to say he loved really. While Fritz and Liv were on the phone, Millie was at the door listening the whole time. What I thought to be a happy moment after the phone conversation with Fritz was Liv asking Jake to take her to the correspondence dinner...he said yes.  While at the dinner, the secret service goes to Liv's table to escort her to a room. On the walk to the room, I thought it was for Fritz but nope Millie was waiting for her. The first thing out was Millie's mouth was that she liked Liv's new boyfriend and if he was married...ROFLMAO. After that comment, Millie ask Liv to be Fritz's campaign manager to help him get re-elected. Fritz has no idea Millie went to Liv about this. After the conversation, Jake was not too happy and told Liv that he does not play second goodbye. BAM! YEAK. After that I hope that Jake just leaves her arse because she is so not good enough for him!

Liv gets back to her office just to have Josie ask her to come back and work for her. Of course, Olivia said no. Quinn is called out for going, " drill baby drill," on Huck at the end of last season. Those were Harrison's words that Nettie thought was too funny. Speaking of Quinn....she has lost her damn mind. This chick has bought a gun! Commander, Olivia's dad, speaks with Fritz telling him Jake was digging into the guy that Huck killed. Fritz and Commander started having a penis measuring contest which leads to Fritz wanting to have B16 shut down. Cyrus had to break it down to Fritz that the last person who questioned B16 "committed suicide." We are finding out more and more about the mystery mission Fritz was on and learn he was not actually on the mission that he reported to have been on... WTF. Huck and Jake have become partners to find out where Fritz actually was.  In the last few minutes of the show, we find out the reason that Fritz was in Iceland. Jake and Huck were able to discover that Fritz was in Iceland during the mystery mission. After researching, Huck was able to find out about a plane crash. This was not typical crash. The plane was shot down by Fritz and a passenger on the plane was Liv's mom! Next week is going to be off the CHAIN!


This is going to be a interesting show. Quick recap, Dracula is Alexander Grayson and he was being kept in a tomb after Van Helsing released him. Ilona is his wife reincarnate. When Ilona and Alex first see each other, he automatically recognize her but she feels like she knows him but doesn't know how. There is a secret order that has a mission of killing vampires. I think the order is call The Order of the Dragon... that could be wrong. Alex get close with Lady Jayne even though she is part of the order. I think that he is aware of her employer. Alexander's purpose so far is to get revenge on the people that killed his wife.

Now to the most current show. We get a flashback of when Van Helsing released Alex from the tomb and find out that Van wants them to work together because the order killed his family also. The plan is to make a new technology that will ruins the orders funding. Van is working on a injection that will allow Alex to walk in day light. While out one night Alex killed a hunter that was sent out to kill him but the order. Lady Jayne does not want to hire another hunter but go after the vampire herself. She does not know Alexander is Dracula. Alex asked Jonathan to work for him and if he accepts the position he will give him a house plus a salary. after a lot of thought he took the job. The technology that Alex is going to use to ruin the order is something called geomagnetism. The order has some seers that look into a mirrors find vampires. The seers actually found Alex but because he is so strong he was about to counter the seers and destroy the mirror. As Jonathan's first order of business he was to find out about Lord Laurent. Jonathan directs him to a members only club. Upon entering the club, Alex finds that Lord Laurent is actually gay and is lovers with Lord Davenport's only son Daniel. Let me remind you that Lord Laurent is married. Of course, Alex uses this information to blackmail them both. On one drunken night, Jonathan plans on proposing to Ilona but screws up when he says that he hopes when he gets the ring on her ring she will let go of this idea of being a doctor and be a proper English woman. Yep, Ilona walked in while he was saying this and heard every word. Lady Jayne almost catches Alex feeding on a lady but was able to get away.

 The Tomorrow People

Let me just start by saying that Jedikiah is a hot mess! So some operative named Roger shows up on Jedikiah's radar and of course he goes after him. Stephen's mom found his work I.D. and questions him about what he does for his uncle and tells Stephen to invite him over for dinner. Dinner did not go well to say the least. Jedikiah was able to convince Stephen to get John to work with him with a common goal to kill Roger. The advantage that Roger has over the other Tomorrow People is that he is able to kill. What we find out is that John can also kill and he is keep it a huge secret. In the end, John tell Jedikiah that they are not hiding from him anymore and it pretty much starts a war. I have a theory that Stephen's mom either knows about him or she knows what Jedikiah actually does.


The show starts with Olivier being in a street shooting fight while Felicity tries to give excuses to why he is late to his own party. Too funny Olivier shows up with blood on his face. Felicity, being awesome, saves him. Olivier is trying to find who supplying citizens with guns. The king pin calls himself the Mayor is supplying the guns. The Mayor is working to ruling the Glades. Felicity has a theory that the new masked chick is following Laurel not Ollie. While Ollie was out, he actually catches chick spying on Laurel. We find out that the masked chick is Sara! Sara is the supposed to be dead sister.  Olivier told everyone that he saw Sara died but he didn't actually see it. He just saw her being taken under water. Next Olivier reveals that he saw her alive after the boat crash. Diggle and Felicity are at a lost of words about this because Olivier is still keeping secrets. Sara doesn't want her family to know she alive because she is not what they remember her to be. The guns that are being given out have a tracking device but it's not working. Olivier is trying to sponsor an event where people turn their guns over but the Queen name is not to be used. Laurel was out on a date with a cute guy and just gets up saying she had to go. Leaving the date, Laurel gets pulled over by the cops. Laurel was over the driving limit for drinking but the cop called her dad and got her off. She was not happy saying it was a mistake. We find out that the guns come from a stolen military guns cart. The Mayor turned the trackers off but Felicity was able to turn it back on. The Mayor of course notices the tracker blinking but it's too late. Olivier gets to the guns but the Mayor still gets away. While Olivier and Sara are talking, Quentin shows up. Sara does not want them to know she is alive. Quentin tells Olivier that Laurel needs a friend and to go talk to her. She having a hard time dealing especially since she was just kidnapped and Tommy dying. Laurel is such a witch. Her dad and Olivier are trying to help her and she just lashes out. During the event for the guns the Mayor shows up shooting up the event. The chick that works with Sara got shot. The doctors were able to save her. Felicity was able to I.D. the mayor, Reed, and his foster dad was military and foster brother is assigned to a weapons shipment that is moving by the area. That is the target. Sara and Olivier are working together to bring the Mayor down. They of course kicked ass but Olivier stop Sara before she killed Reed. The cash for guns event was a success. Sara went to check on her assistance but Harper and Thea were in the room. Trying to leave without being seen, Sara walked into Olivier and he is trying to get her come out to her family. Laurel is popping pills and drinking and Quentin does not know how to help her. The dude that has been downing Olivier the whole time is actually another villain. He is injecting the criminals, Reed, with something to create some type of army.

Whew, that was a lot for just four shows. Goodness between Scandal and Arrow I don't know which one I'm ready to watch. Happy watching!


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