Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome to this week's On the Couch with Celie feature! We had lots of good stuff happen this week on our favorite shows!  Check it out below:


Ollie was his usual sexy self yet another week! On this episode, the story continues with Sara trying to decide if she would come out to her dad and Laurel. Laurel is now working on Ollie’s mom case and to me that is SOOO a conflict of interest…guess that was the point. Ollie should feel great that his pill popping friend is working against his family. (Did you catch the sarcasm?) Moira, Ollie’s mom, is on the fence about taking the plea deal that was offered to her because chick has some skeletons in her closet. But like the great children they are, Ollie and Thea were able to talk her into fighting. YAY TEAM! We did get a little more about what happened to Sara after the boat crash. One part of Ollie’s story was true, Sara did get sucked out the boat but she did surface. Sara had a Titanic moment after the crash by floating on a piece of the boat when the prisoner ship came along. That is how she ended up with the League of Assassins in which she spent four years with them killing people. Bringing things back to the present, Sara went AWOL from the league which is shy we have ninjas all over the place now. In the end, Sara came out to her dad and made him promise not to tell Laurel about her then disappeared. I surely do not believe that will be the last time we see of her.
The Good Wife

Let the games begin! Alicia is once again fighting with Lockhart/Gardner. Well actually, Lockhart/Gardner is being sued for six million dollars. The lawyer that is responsible for paying up is David Lee. We all know this dude can be a complete ass. Alicia and David go back and forth during depositions trying to put the blame on the other person. Alicia was winning until a bribery was introduced. Of course, David Lee had nothing to do with that…actually he didn’t. LOL. Alicia was also unaware of the bribery until Anthony, one of her associates from her new firm, stated he give the bribery. Lockhart/Gardner and David Lee being the snakes that they are offered Anthony the partner position if he lied about who authorized the bribery. If you guess that the jackass took the position, YOU ARE OUR LUCKY WINNER! So that left the ball in Alicia’s court. While this was going on Will had a case of his own. An old client of Lockhart/Gardner, Jeffery, was arrest for DUI…kid was totally not drunk. Surprisingly, Jeffery was actually arrested so that he could be DNA tested for a murder case. Will walked right into a shit storm. Kalinda and Will get hard at work to get Jeffery out of jail by trying to find family members that could match the DNA that was left on the body. Will thought he had a winner winner chicken dinner until the test results came back as a match for Jeffery. Unfortunately, we did not see that outcome for Alicia or Will in this episode so stay tuned.


Things are heating up! The Suga Honey Ice Tea hit the fan between Sara and Drew. After Sara said her peace about the affair, Drew nicely put her ass out. LOL. Surprisingly, Jack met her at the studio and offered to stay the night with her. There was a scene where Drew met Elaine, Jack’s wife, at her restaurant and almost told her about the affair but he chickened out. (Boy boo!) Jack did step up and told Elaine and the kids about the affair after letting her know he quit working for her father. Elaine had a bittersweet moment with that one. To add fuel to the fire, Zarek showed Thatcher the pictures of Jack and Sara together…such a punk move. Jack still found himself in Sara’s studio bed with her that night. To even the score, Elaine had a two can play that game thought and hooked up with the cute wine vendor guy. YEAK! T.J. could not catch a break this episode. Dude is so in love with Brandy and he does not understand that she gets paid for what she does. T.J. even planned to ask her to marry him until Brandy found herself dead in the bath tub. Did chick really think she could get away with the scheme she tried to run on Thatcher?


Nolan took the lead this week. The Graysons, Conrad, hired a publicist to rebuild the Grayson name. Bizzy, the publicist, thought she was going to do her usual work until Nolan entered the picture. Nolan gets to thank Bizzy for putting him on blast and outing him as being gay. So, Nolan gets hard at work with Emily making a way to bring Bizzy down. Being the good hacker that he is, Nolan was able to get Bizzy’s phone password, hack into her information, and found out she was having an affair. In the end, Nolan was able to send Bizzy out of business and made her end the affair. Jack and Margo are heating up. We have seen that Margo openly shows she is attracted to Jack but he is giving mixed signals. Well, Jack has been holding back because he needed to say his final goodbye to Amanda. Finally, Jack got the backbone needed to move on and had a hot/steamy night with Margo. BAM! Daniel has lost his ever loving mind. We saw in past episodes that Charlotte has been putting Sara more and more in Daniel’s life. Well during the 4th of July party the Grayson’s hosted, Daniel and Sara got a little too close and the whole scene was caught on Nolan’s spy glasses. Victoria added to the problem by telling Sara that she believes that Daniel should be with her. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

 That's it this week couch potatoes see ya laters!


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