Monday, January 20, 2014

Recap: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

OMFG! Did you chicks watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? Simply put it was a Hot Mess. RHOA is so my guilty pleasure but they are all making fools of themselves.

Kandi and Todd:

These two look so cute together but I am starting to believe the rumors that Todd is an opportunist. This week, Kandi is looking for venues to host her musical. Surprisingly, Todd was able to go with her even though he dropped out the project. While Kandi is trying to handle business, Todd is taking calls from his other "job"...boy bye. Eventually, Todd states he's not feeling the other job and Kandi welcomed him back on board....I am giving them both the side eye.

Cynthia and Peter:

Peter made up for himself this week with a romantic dinner for he and Cynthia's 3 year anniversary. CONGRATS!!! Cynthia crossed the friendship line though. While have drinks at Bar One with some friends, Cynthia and Peter were told by their mutual friends that she knew Todd and that he knows how to put himself in the right situation. Cynthia being Kandi's friend should have shut that down. But of course not, Cynthia just wanted more juice. What chick was taking about happened in the past and it should have been left there. But Cynthia being who she is, went running her mouth to the girls.

NeNe and Porsha:

NeNe went to spend time at Porsha's huge house to work on their friendship. I have to give Porsha two snaps because she has acknowledged that she has been distance since the divorce. NeNe having experienced what Porsha is going through I would have thought she would show more sympathy but no. NeNe was once my favorite but since her acting career has taken off she is starting to act like her shyte don't stink. Anyway, Porsha and NeNe has a nice tour of the house and talked about if Porsha was ready to get back in the dating world.


Kenya has decided that she wants to have a baby and is planning to go see a doctor to get more information about the process. I am a little confused...don't she supposedly have a boyfriend in Africa? Kenya needs to take many seats.

Girls trip:

So the girls decide to go have a wine tasting. Kenya, Cynthia, NeNe, Cynthia's sister are on a bus together talking much trash about the other girls. I would have thought since Cynthia is Kandi's friend she would not start drama about her...girl was I wrong. Cynthia brings up the whole conversation about what her friend said about Todd. Also Kenya took the job of starting even more drama. Kenya used to work with Cynthia's friend's husband...that was a mouth full. Anyway, Kenya is saying that the two may not be actually married. In the other bus, Kandi, Pheadra, and Porsha are laughing about Pheadra and her breastfeeding. These were night and day bus rides. Everyone eventually gets to the vineyard and the drama starts at the chapel. Kenya opened her big mouth and told Cynthia's friend that her husband does not claim her as his wife. SMDH. Luckily this conversation did not last long and all the girls went to lunch. Of course, once again Kenya can not let a sleeping dog lay and started mess right back up but this time she threw Cynthia's friend under the bus about what she said about Todd. Everybody know that Kandi don't like for people to mess with her food, mom, or man. Well this chick messed with her man and Kandi put her in her place and somewhat pushed Cynthia in front of the bus.

I am so excited to see what next week holds because now the shyte is going to hit the fan about what Kenya has said plus Peter is not too happy with Kandi. From the previews, there will be a FIGHT!


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