Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome back couch potatoes to another episode of On the Couch with Celie. So this past week we had some great things happen in the world of TV. Let's discuss:

The Good Wife:
So we all know that Alicia plans to leave the firm, but goodness she is doing a horrible job at keeping it a secret. The group that is leaving to make the new firm starts to pressure Alicia about getting the client information off Diane's computer. Well, Diane has noticed Alicia acting weird but what tops the cake is when Diane tried to open a client file and noticed that Alicia had the file open already. Diane went to inquire about this and Alicia came up with a lame excuse. Diane, being smart, had drinks with a client to see if her suspensions were correct and true enough like a great lawyer that she is, she was able to get the information she needed before the client noticed she had said too much. The outcome of her spy work is to be confident that Alicia is leaving the firm and has contacted their top clients. Can't wait for the next episode because Will confronts Alicia.

This week on Betrayal, Sara's husband, Drew, did Nettie's favorite part from Silence of the Lambs, " it puts the lotion on it's skin." The show started with Drew telling Sara he knows she been seeing somebody. For me, I was excited because I was sure this episode was going to be juicy. Later in the show they actually show the whole scene and he thinks she's seeing a therapist which she did make an appointment. TJ's, the brother accused of murder, dad is banging the judge that is overseeing the case. That was a serious OMFG moment for me. We know that Sara or Jack are being followed by someone but are not sure who hired the individual until Jack catches dude. The guy was hired by Thatcher to follow Sara to see what he could use against Drew. Jack is being threaten with the photos that were taken of him and Sara by the photographer because this dude is somehow connected to the Carson family and wants to be closer to Thatcher.

Remember the last show ended with the Father Paul and Conrad getting in a car accident. Unfortunately, Father Paul died from the accident. The doctors had advised Conrad not to drive with Huntington's. Conrad changed the story to make it that Father Paul was driving the car not him. Victoria got a real job at an art gallery. Daniel being the Grayson he is, paid off the detective that was investigating Conrad's accident. Nolan was trying his hardest to say no to technology but finding out about Patrick won the tech war. From the time Sheila gave Victoria the job at the gallery, I wanted to know what her motives were. In an effort to right a wrong, Emily had a conversation with Jack which ended with more Jack drama when Emily went to take pictures of Conrad's car to find Jack was already there. The pictures were supposed to be used to show that Conrad lied about Father Paul driving the car. I thought Patrick was a good guy until he talked Sheila into selling a picture for him without the needed paperwork that Victoria had given him. I didn't think much about it until Victoria blackmailed Sheila to give her the gallery and move out of the Hamptons. Patrick was in on the whole scheme! Nolan was able to find Patrick's ex-wife and asked her some questions. Of course we were left in the dark. Doctors told Conrad that he does not actually have Huntington's. OMFG moment,  Patrick has a thing for Nolan and they kissed, but Patrick does not know Nolan looked into his past. Aiden told Conrad that his brakes were tampered with and accused Jack. The next few episodes should be interesting.

The Blacklist:
This episode started with a heart stopping dream with Liz asking her husband about the Angel Station Hotel and him trying to choke her to death. Nobody is aware that Agent Rosen's house is under surveillance. So this show is about a NSA Agent that gets abducted and is put in an old freezer and buried with limited oxygen. This Agent is the victim of our next blacklist candidate known as the carrier. The carrier is paid to do just that, be a carrier and is paid to trade information. This time the needed information is a person. While out on the case, Liz's husband calls tell her that they need to talk....and boy did they NEED to talk because the husband, Tom, is now aware that his box is no longer in the floor in the dinning room. Well by the end of the show the NSA agent is found and he told the group that he owed them a favor. Reddington took that to heart and got the agent to pull the classified file that Liz needed to explain the bullets casing she got from her husband's hidden gun. Let's just say that the file did not help Tom's case at all. The surprising moment was when Liz finished reading the file she went to Reddington for comfort. When Liz did get home it was to find Tom sitting in the nursery and Liz telling him that they need to talk. That is when Tom slides the box between them saying that he was thinking the same thing. Nettie has a theory that Reddington is Liz' father. What do you think?

This concludes On the Couch with Celie. Please stay tuned as I continue to work through my DVR.

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