Monday, November 25, 2013

Omega (Penton Legacy, #3)Title:  Omega
Series:  The Penton Legacy
Author:  Susannah Sandlin
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Holy Smoke! Susannah Sandlin delivers a finale that kicks ass and sucks all at the same time because Omega is the final book in the series!  But.....hold on.....stop the freaking press, she's doing a spin off to the series that is sure to make fans happy! Considering how Sandlin resolved the many lingering issues of the Penton scathe, the Omega Force spin-off is sure to keep the story lines going and may even bring us a little page-time with some of our favorite characters from the series.

Omega picks up just where Redemption left off with the citizens and vampires of Penton living in Omega and trying to figure out their next move against Mathias Ludlam. Determined to make Aiden, Miran, and Will pay for their crimes against him, Mathias ramps up his forces to bring the 3 to heel and tears Penton apart in search of their elusive hideout.

The romantic elements of Omega features the budding attraction between Will and and his partner Randa Thomas.  Both struggle with their own insecurities: Randa, because she was the only girl born in a military family full of men, fights to prove her worth and seek the acceptance of her fellow Penton lieutenants.  Will is struggling to come to terms with never measuring up to his father's expectations and constantly seeking to prove himself to make up for his deficiencies.  Adding to his struggle, Will is coping with being dyslexic, as well as trying to overcome the fact that his father gave him over to the psychotic Shelton who raped him as a means for breaking him and bringing him to heel for his father.

I have to admit that I for one was not sold on a pairing between Will and Randa.  In previous books, these two seemed to live to insult one another and I just couldn't imagine any sparks.  Well I was pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly Sandlin brings these two together.  She doesn't do it in a "OMG I love you" type of way. There bond is slow and grows from a tenuous friendship into something more solid and secure.  I loved the way they eventually took up for one another and how they both shared their insecurities with one another only to discover that they were envious of each other for no apparent reason.  Even more, I loved the inclusion of Randa's family and the role they played in bringing Mathias Ludlam down.  The final battle between Will and Mathias was priceless and even more, it was representative of Will coming to terms with the fact that Mathias no longer had a hold on him and the man that he has become. 

While I was really disappointed to see the series end, I felt Sandlin did justice tot he trilogy and tied up most of the loose ends.  I for one and hoping (finger's crossed) that she goes back and writes a novella for Cage.  I really enjoyed his role in the book and being a therapist myself, I could really appreciate his character's strength.  Annnnnd, I'm interested in discovering if that special bond he had with one of the Penton residents will come to a head.  That whole scenario was left up in the air.  Maybe we'll get Cage's story through the spin off series Omega Force.  If you loved the other books in the series, you won't want to miss the grand finale!  It was Awesome....well done Susannah Sandlin!  I'm giving this one 4 notes and 4 flames!


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