Monday, November 25, 2013

Absolution (Penton Legacy, #2)Title:  Absolution
Series:  The Penton Legacy (Book 2)
Author:  Susannah Sandlin
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

The Penton Legacy just keeps getting better!  Absolution, book 2 in the series, picks up a few months after the big battle between Aidan and his brother Owen leaving the citizens of Penton scared and waiting to see if the Vampire Tribunal and Matthias Ludlam will somehow retaliate.  Absolution features Mirren Kincaid and the super funny Glory Cummings. 

 Mirren Kincaid, better known as "The Slayer" for his previous work as the Vampire Tribunal's enforcer and executioner, has been hiding out in Penton and living a shadow of a life believing he is unworthy of ever finding love and true friendship.  The only person Mirren has even come close to calling friend is Aidan and even Aidan is kept at an arm's length to Mirren.  Frequently punishing himself by using acid to burn his skin to represent the lives he has taken over the years, Mirren is unprepared for Glory to come along and turn his world upside down and make he finally acknowledge that he has a heart!

Glory Cummings is a local girl with dreams and aspirations of someday becoming a famous chief and opening her own restaurant. While working a sad but necessary job at a local gas station, Glory has no idea that he life is about to be snatched away and the special gifts she has been hiding will make her a target to the ruthless and nasty vampire Matthias Ludlam.  Kidnapped against her will, Glory finds herself locked away and shot full of heroine 3 times per day.  Desperate to find a way out and to keep her secret, Glory finds herself thrown in a hole with the captured slayer and afraid that he life is about to end.
Absolution was an excellent followup to Redemption and gives us quite a bit of back story of Mirren and his demons.  I really loved his relationship with Glory and how she was patient and worked with him to face his demons and claim the life he had been running from for centuries.  Glory was the perfect match and brought so much life to the big ofe.  

Even more than the budding love story between Mirren and Glory, I loved getting more insight into Will's character and how he ties into his evil father Matthias.  Will is the playboy of the group that is always joking around and cracking jokes.  To see him step up and go up against his father for Mirren and Glory was inspiring and I can't wait until he gets his HEA and final showdown with his dad. There were so many variables at play in this book that leaves readers dying to find out what will happen next and makes me glad that I started the series after all 3 books were already published because that means I can flow right into Omega.

If you have enjoyed Redemption, then you'll love Absolution.  There's passion, action, killing, and of course humor.  The ending was brilliant and sad all at the same time and we find our characters fleeing they life they have built from themselves in Penton.  New allegiances are formed and old alliances are broken but overall the main characters still have one another.  I'm giving this one 4 notes and 4 flames!  Okay, go read NOW!


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