Wednesday, August 14, 2013

 Title: Redemption

Series: Penton Legacy Book 1
Author: Susannah Sandlin
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Aidan Murphy is the Mayor of a little town call Penton in Alabama. Aidan has been able to build his small community with vampires and unvaccinated humans in order to survive but offer the humans a better life. Aidan gets to choose exactly who can and cannot live in his town. Unfortunately, Aiden has an older brother that does not share his view on how to be a vampire. Continuous battle over the town has sent Aiden in the search for a new doctor.

Dr. Krystal Harris is fresh out of medical school and looking for a place to work to pay her school debt. Dr. Harris has lived a life of solitude since leaving an abusive lifestyle as a teenager. Through all her adversity, Krystal was able to graduate college and become a doctor. When Doc is offered an interview in Penton, she believes things are starting to look up for her. The job is offering a great salary and she is looking forward getting the much needed experience. She will be her own boss and will not have to deal with big hospital politics. What she doesn't know is that her job includes a half dead man who lives on the side of a deserted street and he is her new boss, Aiden Murphy.

This book had a great story line. Not much of the hot and heavy but the story kept me listening. The rating is on the lower end but worth the read. Poor Aiden is not happy with his lot of being a vampire but is making the best of it and helping others. What he was not prepared for was Doc walking into his life making him remember a past love that was lost to the hands of his brother. Doc Harris is a lonely women just looking to make it day by day. She had a history of child abuse and had to deal with the death of a mother that did not protect her. When she starts having feelings for Aiden she believes he would never love her the way she loves him. These two stubborn people make it work in the end but they needed much help from community friends to push them in the right direction.  



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