Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ilona Andrews has release the new cover for Magic Breaks the next book in the AWESOME Kate Daniels Series!  I Love it!  What do you think?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks, #1)Title:  Killing Time
Series:  One-Eyed Jacks (Book 1)
Author:  Cindy Gerard
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Having been a BIG fan of Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series, I had high hopes for Killing Time.  While I wasn't exactly disappointed, I had a hard time getting through the book and felt the main characters just didn't have that realistic spark that makes readers crave more from the characters.

Mike Brown, an ex-black ops operative has spent the last eight years hating himself after losing several of his brothers in arms during Operation Slam Dunk (OSD).  Resolved to only drink once a year in honor of his friends, and the clusterfuck that has become his life, Mike has no idea the sexy chica dancing to gain his attention will change his life forever! 

CIA attorney Eva Salinas has no idea the top-secret documents dropped in her lap would give her the answers she desperately needs to explain the mysterious death of her husband.  After careful research, she discovers Brown's role in OSD and seeks him out to demand an explanation of his actions.  She was in no way prepare for the attraction she feels towards Brown, and even less prepared for him to reveal deep anguish over what happened along with a revelation that he's innocent of the charges held against him. Now the two must stop at nothing to clear Brown's name, gain the truth about what really happened, and dodge the deadly assassin sent to end both of their lives.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For all the big boobie girls like us!

Congratulations to Sorcha M.!  She's our winner for the Kindle copy of Hunter's Moon!  Sorcha I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.  It was a blast and left me wanting so much more.  I can't wait for the next book to come out!  So looking forward to Gareth’s book.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Title:  Play of Passion
Series:  Psy/Changeling
Author:  Nalini Singh
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Happy Tuesday Morning folks! This weekend I had some free time while cleaning the house and I, being the obsessed book fan that I am, plugged in my headphones and proceeded to listen to an oldie but goodie from Nalini Singh!  Words cannot express how much I abso love Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling Books!  They are number one on my list of Paranormal Romance which means I have them all in book and audiobook format because who knows when I might need a Singh fix so I'm always prepared.  I'll also admit that some are more of my favorites than others and so this weekend my pick was Andrew and Indigo's book Play of PassionPssst, Sorry Hawk!

Nalini SinghHola Chickies!  We're rounding up our last week of Sweaty Nights with our ALL time FAVORITE author, Nalini Singh!  There are no words to express how much I heart her work, and absolutely no words to express how much I love Hawk Snow!  I'll admit that I was a bit late to get on the Nalini Singh band wagon mostly because her book covers leave much to be desired.  While cheesy they do look, the insides are full of gooey wonderfulness that leave nothing to be desired except the release date to her next installment!

Singh's Psy/Changeling series has everything that a girl could possibly want in a shifter book.  Hot Alpha males who mate for life, action, adventure, a great storyline arc, and villains that make you love to hate them.  While all of that is GREAT, the thing that really makes the Psy/Changeling series so special to me is the strong sense of family support, pack togetherness, and timeless love stories that leave you melting inside and wishing these characters were real.  Don't get it twisted though, Singh also brings out a ruthless sense of justice, and when crossed, the changelings will deliver brutal, concise revenge that sends the message, you Freak with our pack we'll Freak you up!

Title: Beautiful Stranger
Series: Beautiful Bastard (Book 2)
Author: Christina Lauren
Narrator(s): Grace Grant and Jonathan R. Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I love Max Stella!!!! Goodness that man rocked my world. In Beautiful Stranger, we get a chance to meet Max Stella and Sara Dillion. It is funny how this series worked out because Max is an old college friend of Bennett Ryan and Sara is best friends with Chloe Mills. Sometimes in series you lose out on how past characters are developing as the series continues so I was very happy to still get some Bennett and Chloe.

Sara Dillion is a broken hearted woman that has had enough of her cheating boyfriend, so she packs up and moves to New York City in hopes to start a new life. Sara was quickly able to find a job working in the Marketing Department of Bennett's company and had no thoughts of finding or starting a new relationship. She had no idea going to a night club would lead to her finding Mr. Right and Lord, did Mr. Right rock her world and show her how a women should be treated. On a side note, Grace Grant reads as Sara and does an awesome job. She has the perfect voice to bring the character to life in your mind. Even though she also read Beautiful Bastard, she was able to give Sara a different edge from Chloe. I look forward to seeing how she transforms future characters.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome back couch potatoes to another episode of On the Couch with Celie. So this past week we had some great things happen in the world of TV. Let's discuss:

The Good Wife:
So we all know that Alicia plans to leave the firm, but goodness she is doing a horrible job at keeping it a secret. The group that is leaving to make the new firm starts to pressure Alicia about getting the client information off Diane's computer. Well, Diane has noticed Alicia acting weird but what tops the cake is when Diane tried to open a client file and noticed that Alicia had the file open already. Diane went to inquire about this and Alicia came up with a lame excuse. Diane, being smart, had drinks with a client to see if her suspensions were correct and true enough like a great lawyer that she is, she was able to get the information she needed before the client noticed she had said too much. The outcome of her spy work is to be confident that Alicia is leaving the firm and has contacted their top clients. Can't wait for the next episode because Will confronts Alicia.

Our giveaway for the featured series of the month wraps up with Adam book 6 from Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalkers Series.  We chose Nightwalkers as our featured series of the month because the series covers a multitude of creatures of the night including witches, demons, vampires, and shifters! To add to our Spook-ta-cular Event, we are giving away an audiobook copy of each book within the month long featured series each week through October
31st! Enter below for your chance to win! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Atlantis Unleashed: Warriors of Poseidon, Book 3 | [Alyssa Day]Title:  Atlantis Unleased
Series:  Warriors of Poseidon (Book 3)
Author:  Alyssa Day
Narrator:  Joshua Swansan
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

I have sat on this review for days trying to figure out what to say, while also trying to figure out whether I didn't like the book because of the narrator or because of the content.  To say I'm still confused in an understatement! Here's what I have figured out so far.

I read the first two books rather than listening to them and I'm glad this was a library loan rather than an audiobook I invested in because I was sorely disappointed in the narration of the book.  I will not be listening to any of the other books because unfortunately the same narrator has been chosen for the entire series.  There was a lot missing in this book that I enjoyed with the other two books and hopefully it won't be a continuation as the series moves forward.
Bare It All: Love Undercover, Book 2 | [Lori Foster]Title:  Bare It All
Series:  Love Undercover (Book 2)
Author:  Lori Foster
Narrator:  Jim Frangione
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

I just can't get enough of Lori Foster's Alpha male detective series!  Bare It All is the 2nd book in the series and while I didn't love it as much as I loved Run the Risk, it was still really good!  This book features Reece and Alice's story and picks up right where Run the Risk  left off with Reece trying desperately to figure out what Alice is hiding.  All of my favorite characters are back including the hilarious Rowdy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

4812051Title: Full Exposure
Arthur: Tracy Wolff
Genre: Erotica

If you enjoy never ending sex, this is the book for you! Full Exposure was like a rollercoaster ride. When the ride went up, my Goodness it took me high, but on the way back down my heart just broke. We get to meet Serena Macafee and the absolute sexy Kevin Riley. When we first meet our characters they are in the middle of a job. You see, Serena is a photographer and Kevin is a sculptor, and they both have the same agent who placed them on a job together to make a book. The book will illustrate Kevin's work and also promote Serena as being the photographer.

Well on one steamy night in the Louisiana bayou these two finally let the heat get to them. In their individual minds, they both would day dream and fantasy about the other but neither acted on it until this one night. The same night they decide to explore each other is the same night that Serena's horrible past starts to show.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Monday, October 21, 2013

So this past week, I devoured not 1 but 2 of Lisa Kessler's books from her Moon Series.  I loved them so much I tweeted about it and got a slap happy reply from Lisa that I made her day!  Imagine my surprise when she agreed to answer a few questions about her current release Hunter's Moon!  How cool is that? Well so cool that Celie and I decided we'd share the love and give away a free copy of Hunter's Moon!  OMG I totally have a new author crush!


Lisa Kessler is an award winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book.
Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego. You can learn more at .
Title: Hunter's Moon
Series:  Moon Series (Book 2)
Author:  Lisa Kessler
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

WOW just when you think Lisa Kessler can't pull off the impossible, she sneaks in, sends you through a whirlwind of emotions, and makes you fall in love with an irredeemable character! We last saw Sasha at the end of Moonlight right after she reeked havoc, by attempting to turn Lana over to Nero, resulting in Malcolm's death.  Malcolm was the pack alpha, as well as Adam and Aren's dad,and he died taking a bullet meant for Lana.  During the final battle, a wolf is seen dragging Sasha's limp body off into the woods leaving readers wondering whether she was left dead or alive.

Hunter's Moon picks up a few months after Moonlight and it is evident that things have not gone back to normal for Aren.  Aren has been going off on mysterious trips and making excuses about his whereabouts leaving Adam worried and other pack members wondering what's really going on.  Well it seems during one of the many times Sasha subdued Aren, she head butted him causing skin-to-skin contact that awakened Aren's wolf to instantly recognize his mate......Sasha. Cue my emotional angst because how can Aren forgive Sasha's actions when they led to his father's death, hurt his brother's mate, and shattered his ankle!

Welcome to another episode of On the Couch with Celie. I hope you were able to live tweet with Nettie and I while we watched Arrow. We are Team Ollicity (Olivier and Felicity)...Nettie is good with words. If you missed us, we will live tweet again on Wednesday @ 8 p.m. This week I was able to surf my DVR and watch some shows that I have missed. Just FYI, Sleepy Hallow will return on Nov. 4. So, lets discuss:

The Tomorrow People
This show reminds me of the movie Jumper. There is this group of humans with a mutation that gives them the power to teleport, mind speak, and do telekinesis. There is more that they can do but those are the things they mostly have in common. The main character, Stephen, has been living his life thinking he was hearing voices and was not able to explain why he would go to bed at home but wake up in the neighbor's room. His mom has had him going to see a therapist and on medication to help explain his issues. Well Stephen does not have a problem, he was born with a mutation from his father that allows him to be a little special. One night, Stephen decided to listen to the voice and this took him to The Tomorrow People. This show is interesting to me because as the storyline develops, I get more and more pulled in. Nettie and I have a theory that Stephen's dad is still alive and his Uncle has him hidden.

Our giveaway for the featured series of the month continues with Noah book 5 from Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalkers Series.  We chose Nightwalkers as our featured series of the month because the series covers a multitude of creatures of the night including witches, demons, vampires, and shifters! To add to our Spook-ta-cular Event, we are giving away an audiobook copy of each book within the month long featured series each week through October
31st! Enter below for your chance to win!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This was the puzzle piece, the part that made my heart stop hurting, my soul stop bleeding.  With each thrust of him, up to the hilt, he filled me with hope.  He erased the death.  He gave me life, if only for that moment, when we were joined as one, and I was a better version than the girl I was before ~Bold Tricks by Karina Halle
Title: Run the Risk
Series:  Love Undercover
Author:  Lori Foster
Narrator: Jim Frangione
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Run the Risk is book 1 in the Love Undercover series, which is also a spin-off to Lori Foster's Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series but features police officers.  I was a huge fan of the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and as I have stated here before anything read by Jim Frangione is an added bonus so I decided to give this new series a try.  Well, I'm happy to say, I tried it and LOVE IT!
9795263Title: Kindling the Moon
Series: Arcadia Bell (Book 1)
Author: Jenn Bennett
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Kindling the Moon is about a bar owner named Arcadia Bell who seems like the typical co-owner of a bar, but the bar's targeted consumer customers are demons. Yep that's right demons. The world this book takes place in is one where demons and magicians exist. Arcadia does not like to be referred to as a witch but a magician. Demons in this world have halos, which is how they are able to tell each other apart. Humans are referred to as savages, and although Arcadia could be considered a savage, she is not the typical magician because she has a halo. Are you confused yet? You see, Arcadia's parents are hardcore magicians and performed a ritual for her conception, resulting in Arcadia being born with a halo. Demons are not sure what to make of her which makes it perfect for Arcadia to operate a demon bar.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Title:  Moonlight
Series:  Moon (Book 1)
Author:  Lisa Kessler
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Every now and then you find a book that takes you by complete surprise, shakes you up, and reinvigorates your love for paranormal romance.  In a time where hundreds of paranormal romance novels are published a month you sometimes find yourself saying been there, read that...blah blah blah!  Well let me tell you, Moonlight reinvigorated my love for paranormal romance and left me wanting more!

Adam is a wolf shifter, next in line to be alpha to his pack, and a sexy as hell rancher that trains horses.  Infamously the playa of the pack and not one to believe in the legend that a true mate exists for all wolves.  Well while on the hunt for a jaguar he scented in his small town, he comes across the woman that is meant to be the other half to his soul.  Unfortunately, his mate is also a jaguar shifter and the sworn enemy of his wolf pack because of years of bad blood between the two breeds.  Adam is faced with an impossible choice:  betray his pack to claim his mate, or walk away from his mate to remain with his pack.  Which side will he choose?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hola Chickies!  I realized just the other day that we are down to 2 months and 2 weeks to go before the end of the year.  Soooo, I issued a challenge to Celie and myself to figure out what our Favorite books for this year have been! 

OMG, I started looking at my Goodreads list and I have no idea how to narrow the list down to my top 10 or even a top 15.  I don't even know where to begin because frankly 2013 was when I officially discovered Kristen Ashley and it wouldn't be fair to all my other favorite authors to only add Kristen Ashley books to the list.  I mean that chick could take up the whole damn list!  Anyway, it's our project for this upcoming weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what Celie adds to her list. What's making your favorite lists of 2013?  Leave us a comment!  Psst, maybe you will even help me narrow my list down!  Laters Nettie

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tempting the Fire (ACRO, #5)Title: Tempting the Fire
Series: ACRO (Book 5)
Author: Sydney Croft
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Tempting the Fire is the fifth book in the ARCO series. In most series I have read, after about the third book things start to slow down. Not in ARCO. This series continues to keep me interested and wanting more and this book was in no way a disappointment! Tempting the Fire tells the story of Sela Kahne, an ACRO agent, and Logan Mills. In this installment things got a little interesting because you also get the story of Marlena West, an ACRO agent, and Chance McCormack. I was confused at first trying to decide who's book this actually was, but I just wrote it off as a group book (shrugs). Even though there was a lot going on throughout the book, neither story lacked excitement. Let's discuss.

Reptile Dysfunction
Title:  Bold Tricks
Series:  The Artists Trilogy (Book 3)
Author:  Karina Halle
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Bold Tricks is the final installment in Karina Halle's intense saga about 3 individuals, all with stains on their souls and their journey to their individual versions of the end of the rainbow.  HOLY Cow, this book was intense, bold, suspenseful, and downright mind boggling!  Karina Halle delivers a freaking fan-tas-tic ending to a series that has just been beyond amazing!

I refuse to ruin even one morsel of the book for those who haven't had a chance to pick up a copy yet but I will tell you it picks up exactly where it left off in Shooting Scars and we find ourselves against trying to figure out Javier's true intentions.  Additionally, the tension between Camden and Ellie is even more suffocating that you can possibly imagine.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hola Chickies!  Our features series for this week is the Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall. This is another one of our audiobook only series because we started them out that way and can't imagine checking in on our favorite characters either way!

So this series is about a group of Immortal Guardians that are very similar to vampires however they are slightly different.  Like vampires, they require blood but only to heal and only in small quantities, they are allergic to sunlight and they are super strong.  Unlike vampires, they require actual food and often wield special gifts such as telepathy, mind reading abilities, healing abilities, etc. They are created from "gifted" humans and are infected with the vampire virus, however the virus simply makes them stronger, heightens their gifts, and makes them immortal.  True vampires are driven crazy from the infection and after about 3 months of being infected their brain cells diminish and they lose control of their actions resulting in mass killing among the human population. It is the jobs of the Immortal Guardians to protect the human race from True Vampires while remaining hidden in the shadows.   They are led by an Immortal named Seth who appears to be a much older version of themselves.  Readers don't really know what Seth is but we do know he isn't what he appears to be!

Our giveaway for the featured series of the month continues with Damien book 4 from Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalkers Series.  We chose Nightwalkers as our featured series because the series covers a multitude of creatures of the night including witches, demons, vampires, and shifters! To add to our Spook-ta-cular Event, we are giving away an audiobook copy of each book within the month long featured series each week through October 31st! Enter below for your chance to win! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hola Chickies!  Okay, True story here....Celie's mom has been diligently reading the New Species series by Laurann Dohner.  Soooo one of the characters from the books is named Justice.  Well the other day she was introduced to a new employee to her work unit named......ding ding ding, you guessed it Justice!  The LOL moment was that her reaction was Soooo You're Justice?  Then she said, awe no, you're not Justice.....LMAO!  This sparked my creative side to create the following:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Title: Darkness Rises
Series: Immortal Guardians (Book 4)
Author: Dianne Duvall
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Welcome to the fourth book in the Immortal Guardian series. This book left me wanting so much more. In Darkness Rises, we get to the story of the immortal √Čtienne (henceforth referred to as ATM cause spelling his name and pronouncing his name is beyond me!) and the gifted female Krysta. Let me give you a brief history on them both.

√Čtienne, ummm ATM has been an immortal for over two centuries and fights alongside his twin brother Richart, whom I call Richard, and sister Lisette. I am so happy I listened to the other books because without having had the audiobook version, I would have been clueless to pronouncing the difficult names!While ATM is out on a patrol he stumbles across a chick coming out of a frat house appearing drunk. To his surprise, chick was not drunk but actually playing as bait to get the attention of vampires. ATM stood back to watch the fight for a little while just to see what this “human” had going through her mind. While standing and watching her fight, he has no idea that his life has changed forever.

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