Monday, June 1, 2015

Title: Aglow
Series: Apotheosis (Book 2)
Arthur: Krissy Daniels
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2K1CH

Her bright soul. His dark sin.

Marcus Lothario plays hard, in and out of bed. Takes what he wants with no regrets. Until she comes along.
He considers himself the luckiest man alive. Not only is Camilla the most beautiful creature on earth, she’s remained pure, for him. Problem is, their bonding ignites a power that changes his bright angel into a dark temptress, and her sins will leave a dark stain on his soul.

Camilla Nilsson plays it safe. Works hard and avoids temptation. Always the good girl. Until he comes along.
When Marcus crashes her long overdue vacation and rescues her from a jealous demon, she’s exposed to a world few know exist. Her pure soul is the one thing that can damn her to hell. Her deadly warrior is the only one who can pull her back.
Get ready men and women for this HOT read. If you thought Grayce and Tyr's book was good, oh you just haven't met Marcus and Camilla.

Marcus is this playboy tough guy. This dude is definitely a panty dropper. Marcus was not looking for his soul mate when Camilla walked passed him. From the moment he set eyes on her, he knew she was the one. Marcus thought the only difficulties he was encounter were how to actually meet her and how to welcome her into his world. Unbeknownst to him, meeting and welcoming Camilla to his world were going to be the least of his worries. It may be easy for him to get the cookie but it won't be easy for him to keep the woman of his dreams safe and out of harms way.

Camilla is the innocent do no harm by-stander when her world is knocked from under her. All Camilla's life, she has dreamed of a fairytale. She wants the knight in shiny armor and all. What Camilla didn't know was that her dreams were going to come true but after she had to put her trust in a man she knew nothing about and ran for her life.

I absolutely loved this book. Books like this are the reason I am still single because I want my knight too and it makes thing better if I get a Marcus! These two are a match made in heaven. Camilla is so inexperienced that she needs an experienced man to show her the ropes. Marcus has such a struggle through this book because people are trying to keep he and Camilla apart plus once Camilla comes into her own powers that's just another hurdle to jump over. Marcus has a fight with himself because he believes he is not good enough for Camilla. His life up to this point has been about work and sex. And he is a professional with sex. Marcus needs Camilla to work these issues out but he has to let her in first. The becomes a problem when Camilla comes into her powers and they have to figure out what to do. I am not going to tell you what Camilla can do just know that it's dangerous but very beneficial to Marcus. 

On a side note, I want to know what's going on with Shayde and Dawn. That would be an awesome book 3...hint hint Krissy.

To prepare for this book have the following:
Panty Liners LOL
A willing partner or B.O.B.

No need to thank me now, You're Welcome. LOL

Overall, Aglow receives a sweltering wicked heart!!!!!!


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