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17703290Title: The King
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Combined Rating:  3 Notes and 2 Flames

Glimpse Our Thoughts: 
J.R. Ward just keeps disappointing me with the BDB series!  What I thought was going to be a book about my two favorite characters from the series, turned into a book about Sola and Asil who I care nothing for!  #Deeply Disappointed!!!!

Goodreads Synopsis:

Long live the King…

After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle--with the help of his beloved mate. But the crown sets heavily on his head. As the war with the Lessening Society rages on, and the threat from the Band of Bastards truly hits home, he is forced to make choices that put everything--and everyone--at risk.

Beth Randall thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated the last pure blooded vampire on the planet: An easy ride was not it. But when she decides she wants a child, she’s unprepared for Wrath’s response--or the distance it creates between them.

The question is, will true love win out... or tortured legacy take over?

Nettie's Review: 
The King squashed most of my hope in J.R. Ward's ability to bring the Black Dagger Brotherhood series back to life.  While I loved the first 4 books in the series, I have not been impressed....much....with the storylines after Butch's book.  She has gone from focusing on one main couple in the books with brief interludes with secondary characters, to focusing on insignificant characters, and people who show up out of the blue **Hint Asil and Sola**!.  With that said, here  are the things I hated about this book.

Asil and Sola....who gives a flying biscuit about these two.  They seemingly have no real ties to any of the 1000 characters that Ward has focused on thus far, so why are we wasting soooooooo much time on their story.  Who knows!

Ward spent the last 3 books building animosity between Wrath and Xcor, only for the two to not have any interactions...really.... throughout the entire book!  WTF???? Confused.  Even more, why the hell does Ward keep bringing up the John Matthew and Darius thing if she has no intentions of ever revealing that John is Darius!  Really chick stop confusing the damn fans!

The parts of The King I enjoyed involved Wrath coming to terms with being a King and embracing his people.  Ward did an excellent job transiting Wrath from hating his job to finding the joy in helping his people.  I also enjoyed seeing Wrath embrace becoming a father.  His scenes with Zadist were touching, I just hate that Ward robbed us of Wrath's discussion with Tor on becoming a father.

Even more than seeing Beth and Wrath work through the intricacies of being a long-term couple, I enjoyed Ward finally giving the fans some Beth and John Matthew time!  Seeing the bond between these two was a long time coming and I enjoyed their scenes.

My favorite part of this book though has to be "Got Damn Cat".  Iam and Boo's interactions were simply hilarious!

Celie's Review:

Nettie pretty much hit the WTF moments of the book. Here are a few of the moments that I hate about the book.

Could we get a better transition between olden time Warth and present Warth. That confused the dickens out of me. Plus why the fudge does Warth, son of Warth father of Warth, get more time than present Warth. (rolling my eyes)

If I hear one more thing about John Matthew having flashes or memories of being Darius, I will pop my own eardrums. What is the point when he will never know he is Darius!!!

What made this book for me was Iam and Boo. AB-SO-LUTELY loved their part together. I would not be surprised if when Trez leaves the compound he doesn't catnap Boo. "Got Damn Cat" definitely got tired of everything being about George.

Oh the other part I loved about this book was the end. Yes, I was happy that it was over and I didn't have to waste anymore time of my life, but when Beth had the baby and Warth was voted King, that just made my day.


9 times out of 10 I will not be continuing this series until after Nettie has listened to Trez and Iam book.

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  1. I strongly disagree! I enjoyed it much better than a few of the last ones. After Phury's book, I had a hard time getting into Rehv's, John Matthew's and Quinn and Blay's stories. THE KING reminded more of the first six books in the series. I can't wait to see what she's going to do with Trez...

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Clearly you are one of her die hard fans. It just didn't do it for me. I feel like she has moved away from focusing on the couple she identifies for the books, and focuses more on other characters. To me, she strayed from her outline for the series and can't seem to make up her mind on where she's going with the books. Ward has more "oh look a chicken" moments than any other author I have read........although.......I will be all over the next book as usual. Nettie

    2. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoy getting cramps every month. In prior books, we had more interaction between the characters than in The King. BDB started going doing hill after Rehv's book. It's getting to the point where Ward is trying to live off her glory days of the old BDB but she needs to wrap this baby up. Celie


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