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Today we welcome Jasinda Wilder to the blog to tell us more about her Big Girls Do It and Rock Stars Do It Series.  I first discovered the series after it was offered for free on Amazon, and after just one book, I was totally hooked and dying to read the next books in the series.  To date there are a total of 7 books in the Big Girls Do It series and 3 in the spin off Rock Stars Do It .

Author Interview:

1. As an author that writes romance, what is your opinion on most female heroines being a size 6?

It’s not necessarily about size, for me. A girl can be just as uncomfortable in her own skin at size 6 as size 24. It’s about mindset. So much of social media, Hollywood, advertisement, society in general focuses on the standard of beauty being skinny. I’m not skinny. I’ve never been skinny and i never will be. And there a lot of women out there just like me. So for me, I wanted to write about—and most of my characters are still usually pretty curvy—women that aren’t skinny. It’s about trying to help women feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin no matter what size or shape she is.

2. What inspiration did you have when making Anna, Chase and Jeff's character? (After seeing the picture of you and your husband, I automatically picture you as Anna and your hubby as Chase.)

Ok, well first off, Jack is more Jeff to me. The inspiration for those characters came from real life. There was a Chase in my life at one point, and there’s a lot of Anna in me. But they’re not autobiographical, not wholly. There’s a lot of fiction, too.

3. Since Chase has the sexy rocker look going, what made you decide to make him have an interest in the thicker flavors of life? (Thick Chicks ROCK!)

To show that a guy can be sexy and normal and hot and still be attracted to a girl that not’s supermodel skinny. I wanted to normalize that. A guy liking women curvy and thick shouldn’t be unusual or abnormal. It shouldn’t be “a thing”.

4. How important was it to you to display the real life struggle of the full figured woman in your stories?

That was the entire point of it. I’ve said this elsewhere, but i first started out writing Big Girls after i read Fifty Shades and just couldn’t identify with a 5’2” 110lb heroine. I just can’t. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that body type, or any body type. I just wanted to write a book about a full-figured woman, show what we go through, try to express some of my own struggles in the hopes that others would identify and perhaps be helped.

5. Anna and the guy I will not name start to get very close, will the conversation happen about Anna's fertility issue? (I got the feeling that was a fertility issue with Anna.)

I'm not going to reveal anything that might be a spoiler for the rest of the series. Anna isn’t sterile or unable to conceive, I can tell you that much.

7. Jamie is having difficulty finding worth within herself. Will you give her a chance to bloom into a beautiful flower?

Jamie is a beautiful flower already. She just needs to realize it. You’ll have to watch her journey for yourself, in Rock Stars and Pregnant.

8. What reading order would you recommend for the Big Girl Do It and the Rock Stars Do It series?

There’s a print omnibus available on Amazon that collects the entire series in it, from start to finish, including Rock Stars. But, in short, Rock stars goes between Married and Pregnant.

9. How many books can we expect for the Big Girls Do It series?

For the Big Girls stories, the ones about Anna, Jeff, Chase, and Jamie, it’s finished. I’m planning another spinoff series, however. It’s called Big Girls Do It Abroad, and it’s about Ian, whom you met in Rock Stars. I’m not sure how many books there’ll be in that one, though.

10. If you have the chance to live the life of one of your book characters, which one and why?

Oh my. I have lived the life of my characters. Most of my stories have a basis in my life, or in the lives of someone i know. My own life has been dramatic and exciting enough that I really don’t need to live as one of my characters.

11. What other works of art can we look forward to receiving from you this year?

A LOT. I’ve got a very special surprise book publishing in March, and then April will see a hot and very different book. I want those to stay under wraps for now, so I won’t tell you anything about them now. My husband Jack and I have a sequel to Wounded planned, which we’re calling Captured, and will feature Hunter’s friend Derek. There’s Big Girls Do It Abroad, the spinoff sequel. And then we’ve always got a bunch of ideas in various stages of germination planned for closer to the end of the year, which we don’t have a specific order for. A lot of very exciting projects, though, especially in the next few months. 

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