Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Girls Do It Better (Big Girls Do It #1)Title: Big Girls Do It Better
Series: Big Girls Do (Book 1)
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genre: Erotica

Finally we a book where the lead female character is NOT a size 5. In Big Girls Do It Better, we get to meet the beauty Anna Devine. This thick chick is not afraid to eat and flaunt her stuff. Just my kind of girl.

Anna is a smoking DJ that works at different clubs that feature karaoke. This chick is not afraid to get on stage and show her stuff. One night, Anna comes across the gorgeous Chase Delany. Chase has this sexy rock dude facade. At first sight, Anna already thinks he is out of her league because she is not a salad eating size really we like meat on salad at least. Unbeknownst to her, Chase loves him some thickums. Let me know you, there is nothing like a man that loves him some curves! Things get pretty lusty between the two until Anna finally takes a chance and takes Chase up on his offer to go to his house. The things this man did to her body broke a few laws in the state. DAYUM! This story has a few twist and turns but the ending will have you thinking WTF!

Big Girls Do It Better had me glued from start. There are so many books that have female characters that describe themselves as "thick" but in this book we actually get a thickums. I was able to see so much of myself reading about Anna's insecurities that I was super-glued to the story. I already play movies in my mind while reading but this book was on point. I was excited when Anna gave Chase a chance to show her that he was not just looking for some hot and spicy in an alley. Goodness did he show her that a man can worship the curves! I need a Chase in my life. LOL. Just a warning, go ahead and get book 2 because when you finish you will want to know what happens next. (Super cliffhanger)

I give this book 5 notes and 5 flames because goodness if I was out in public reading I would be embarrassed. This book should have a warning label saying, "An extra pair of panties are needed to read this book." 


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