Sunday, March 16, 2014

Deadly Beginnings (Deadly #0.5)Title:  Deadly Beginnings
Series:  Deadly, Book 0.5
Author:  Jaycee Clark
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Rating:  4 Notes, 3 Flames

Goodreads Synopsis:

Kaitlyn O’Reilly, an RN, believed she’d found love with the charming and well-liked surgeon she’d met at work. Landon Goldburg was kind, attentive, and she thought they had so much in common. Now engaged, the good doctor has quickly become the man of her nightmares. As he grows more controlling and violent, Kaitlyn wants her freedom.

Jock Kinncaid can’t stop thinking about the quietly beautiful—and engaged—redhead he met at a fund-raising gala months ago. He knows a spitfire lurks beneath the surface of this woman who’s invaded his dreams, and he knows she’s exactly what’s been missing from his otherwise ideal life. When a chance meeting throws the two of them together again, Jock swears he won’t let her get away this time.

But even as Jock vows to protect the woman he loves and Kaitlyn struggles to trust Jock and the passion between them, the deranged doctor is bent on destroying them both, even if it means killing the only thing he loves.

Wow what a great way for Jaycee Clark to bring her Deadly series full circle by giving long-time fans the Jock and Katie's story!   Deadly Beginnings has all the thrill and suspense readers have come to expect and love from Jaycee Clark.  The villain is crazy/creepy obsessed with Katie and unwilling to take her desire to leave to heart. While at a fund raiser for the local hospital, Katie meets and becomes enamored with Jock.  He's smooth, charming, charismatic, and down right sexy....but Katie doesn't allow herself to dare dream that he is the man for her.  After their chance meeting, these two light up the pages and shine as only Jock and Katie can.

I loved learning more about the couple's beginning together and getting a glimpse of how many characteristics that appear in the other books came to light.  For example, how Jock nicknamed Kaitlyn, Katie Lass and how the "Kinncaid curse" came about.  Even more inspiring was the big reveal at the end of how the family legacy of declaring "this I'll defend" came about.  Jock's declaration to Katie at the end was so heart touching and lent so much credibility to the importance of it's use in later books.

It's not always possible for authors to give fans their heart's desire in a book but Clark does just that for me.  If you have read the other books in the Deadly series, then you will love going back and discovering the love story of Jock and Katie.  If you haven't read any of Jaycee Clark's books, then pick up the first book in the series, Deadly Shadows.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  I'm giving Deadly Beginnings 4 notes and 3 flames!


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