Friday, December 6, 2013

Tempting His Mate (Crescent Moon, #3)Title:  Tempting His Mate
Series:  Crescent Moon Series (Book 3)
Author:  Savannah Stuart
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

I am Ab-so-lute-ly LOVING this new shifter mini series by Savannah Stuart!  Tempting His Mate is book 3 in the series and features the mating of Ascher Kincaid and Ella Hayes.  As with the previous books in the series, Savannah Stuart makes it a point to give readers a glimpse of the couples previously featured, and how they are getting along in the Kincaid Wolf Pack.

Ascher Kincaid has been living the life of a lone wolf for more than a century....a fate he relegated himself to after losing his mate to rough jaguar shifters. Tired of being alone, Ascher makes the decision to come out of hiding and take a job as head of security at one of the pack owned resorts.  Cousin to the alpha Grant, Ascher is no stranger to shifter antics, nor is he a lightweight. In fact, Ascher is powerful enough to become an alpha of his own pack.  Especially after his time in solitude with nothing to do but hone his power, and think about all he lost when his mate died. Only participating in brief hookups with no relationship expectations, Ascher is resigned to his loveless future.....that is until he has a chance encounter with Ella Haynes which leads to the awakening of his wolf and desires he thought long buried.

Ella Hayes is a jaguar shifter that recently decided to flee her pride and join the Kincaid Wolf Pack as the new accountant for one of their beach resorts.  After her sister humiliated her by announcing plans to mate her ex at a pride meeting, Ella doesn't think that she could survive in a pride where members give her pitying looks.  A creature of caution and routine, Ella is desperate to embrace her new life by allowing herself the freedom to have a little fun, and what better way to embrace the new Ella than to get HOT and SPICY between the sheets with a sexy as hell wolf that makes her shed all her inhibitions.  Thinking that the one night she shared with Ascher is far behind, Ella is shocked to discover that not only is Ascher a Kincaid, but he is also the head of security at her new job!

By nature, I am drawn to shifter books and particularly wolf shifter books!  This one is no exception and the fact that they are short stories and not full length books is what has really made them a success in my mind!  Tempting His Mate had all my favorite elements....the mating call, an intense attraction, open communication, a mystery, and a sexy HOT alpha male that wasn't afraid to show his sensitive side. Both Ascher and Ella brought relationship baggage into the mating, however both were cautious and took things slow.  I loved how Ascher was protective but not in a demeaning way...allowing Ella to take part in the investigation of who was trashing her office and home.  I also loved how Ascher took things slowly with Ella and was willing to put the intense attraction on the back burner in favor of giving Ella time to get to know him and trust that he was really interested in her.  If you have enjoyed books like the Psy/Changeling series and other similar shifter books, you will love these short stories!  I'm giving Tempting His Mate 4 notes and 4 flames!

I was provided of complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This review reflects my honest opinion of the book and I was not compensated in any way.


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