Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rock Me: Ross Siblings, Book 2 | [Cherrie Lynn]Title: Rock Me
Series: Ross Siblings (Book 2)
Author: Cherrie Lynn
Narrator: Alix Dale
Genre: Contemporary Romance

If you thought Unleashed was steamy with the hot Evan, wait until you meet his little brother Brian Ross. This man has definitely made his way to the top of my Christmas list. Unfortunately for me, I didn't make the cut but Candace Andrews surely does.

Candace Andrews is the over-protected child of a wealthy family. (Me saying over-protected is still an understatement.) Candace can barely eat, sleep and breathe without her mother criticizing her. On one rebellious night, Candace decides to get a cute tattoo from the local parlor. Said parlor is owned by the sexy Brian Ross. Now, Candace and Brian are not strangers to one another because Brain once dated Candace's cousin. Candace has been in love with this man since they were first introduced but he was safely in the friend zone. Lucky for Candace, that friend zone was tossed out the window when it was time to get inked.

Brian Ross has more going on than what meets the eye. At first glance, you see a tattooed, rough edged, bad ass but once you get deeper you learn that Brian is actually a sweetheart. Brian is the little brother of Evan so you know he also comes from a wealthy family but he is the sore eye of the family. Growing up, Brian stayed in trouble and ran with the wrong crowd so he has a pretty bad reputation. Dude has had the hots for Candace since she walked into his life but he couldn't approach her because he was dating her cousin. He would not have guessed in a million years that Candace would walk into his shop looking for him to get a cute little tattoo. Brian was able to start their whirlwind romance by giving her after care for her new tat with his number attached.

Rock Me had me running from the time Candace left the tattoo parlor. I got my first experience with a pierced wiener. LOL. Brian is very skilled with that piercing as well. (Hint hint) Candace being over-protected has left her being very innocent meaning chick is still a virgin. Well this virgin has eyes for a tattooed/pierced hot ass. (If Brian was real, he could definitely take my virginity!) But anyway, their story was so crazy because Candace had to work on getting her independence and Brian had to work on fighting for his true happiness. These two are a couple made in Heaven but Candace's parents were made straight from Hell. There were times during the story that I want to slap Candace's mom to a new genre! But this wouldn't be a romance without these two getting together and I was so excited to see that happen. This book gets 5 notes because Brian has mad skills and 5 flames because SWEET JAYSUS I want him for Christmas!

Note about the narrator:

Alix Dale did a great job reading this book. She was able to give a each characters an identity. Alix doesn't have a manly voice but she was able to make the guys sound their part. So far, it looks like she will be reading for us throughout the series so no change ups.


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