Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to the opening of On the Couch with Celie! Each Week, I will do a recap on my MUST watch shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge. While Nettie can read a book in two days flat...sighs and rolls eyes to the would take me a month. (Believe me I hear about this daily!) The TV is my haven. So let the discussion beginning.

Grey’s Anatomy’s premiere was not as exciting as I hoped. Arizona worked my last night nerve! If you remember, in the season finale Arizona had an affair with the doctor chick from Dawson’s Creek. Well Torres knows that Arizona cheated on her and is acting out. I think Torres has all the right to be upset because wifey cheated. For some reason, Arizona cannot wrap her head around the fact that she messed up and can lose her family. Chick really needs to get a clue. 

Moving on, Meredith had the baby and they are doing fine. YAY them! (Yes, I was being sarcastic) Kepner is still running around looking like a lost puppy after Avery. But goodness, that man is FINE! Avery finally puts Kepner in her place then she runs back to her fiancé. I did think we were going to lose Webber but nope the old booger makes it through. This week’s episode was not anything very new on Grey’s. Kepner finally passed her boards and she felt accomplished because it had nothing to do with hot, fine, and sexy Avery. Arizona wants Torres to go to couples therapy. Of course, Torres said no but told Arizona that she needed to go and she refused. I’m like, Arizona get a clue and go sit on the therapist's sofa to figure yourself out but anyway. Meredith should have told Wedder arse off right along with Bailey. Bailey knew good and well what Wedder needed instead she was worrying about his pride. Wedder should be happy that Meredith is doing what is best for him but instead pretty much told her he made a mistake by letting her make decisions about his health.

Next show up is Revenge. That dang Ashley is finally gone, or I hope so. I cannot believe she tried to blackmail Emily. Like really chick, get your life in order! Jack needs to be added to Emily’s list because he getting on my nerves already. Jack is such a PUNK. I have never really liked him but his actions have sealed the deal for me. Victoria is still a bitch, nothing new there. Charlotte came back a new girl. I’m not sure if she was preggo or not in the season finale but in the premiere she did lose the baby. (Sad face) She did not get my sympathy long due to her still acting like a spoiled brat like last season. Ugh. Now we did get to meet Victoria’s son that she gave up for adoption. Can you say H-O-T! Hope to see more of him. Nolan is out of jail and back to playing Emily’s sidekick. Conrad is still Conrad trying to find a way to screw people over. Emily did get his arse though. I am looking forward to the future of this season because Aiden comes back and it looks like he will be on the Grayson side. I will update you next week on Revenge.

Next up is Scandal. Olivia was put in her place big time by her dad. Nettie’s favorite part was when her dad was walking her to the plane and said something along the lines of "you will get on this plane come hell or high water and be clear I am the Hell and the High Water!" Best parenting line ever! Olivia is still a fool over the president. Fitz is an idiot because he thought Mellie was going to continue to go along with him and Olivia’s bull. Mellie is going to be fun to watch this season. She is making big moves. Now Cyrus, this dude would throw his own grandma under the bus. If only Olivia knew that is was Mellie that saved her arse because Cyrus was going to take her out. What I really want to know is what is in the file that Olivia’s dad showed him at the end.

A new show that I love is The Blacklist. OMFG this show is off the chain! It starts with a person walking into the CIA to see someone when he is actually a fugitive on the most wanted list, Reddington. Reddington comes on the scene causing troubles. He make his demands and one of those is he will only work with Elizabeth Keen. Poor Liz is new to the job and did not know that her first day would include Reddington. This dude knew so much information about Liz that she was afraid to work with him. That is until his advice actually came to life. Now Liz has to work with Reddington and she has a new problem of figuring out who her husband really is. That was the big shocker. This week on the Blacklist Liz and Reddington had to undertake lie detector test to see if they knew each other. Of course, they did not. Reddington was able to escape Liz and the group once again only to go to the truck. This show took me by surprise because we thought that Liz was supposed to protect Floriana Campo. Campo was supposed to be fighting against human trafficking but she was actually the leader. Only Reddington knew the truth about her and was able to stage her death as a suicide but only after she told Liz who she actually was. The score so far is Reddington 2, FBI 0!

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