Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Promise (The 'Burg, #5)
Alas, Kristen Ashley has let me down.... I was sorely disappointed in Frankie and Benny's story and have officially declared a 6 month KA respite for fear that I may never recover and learn to love my girl's writing again!

Title:  The Promise
Series:  The Burg, Book 5
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Rating:   2K1CH

Since his brother’s death, Benny Bianchi has been nursing his grudge against the woman he thinks led to his brother’s downfall. He does this to bury the feelings he has for Francesca Concetti, his brother’s girl. But when Frankie takes a bullet while on the run with Benny’s cousin’s woman, Benny has to face those feelings.

The problem is Frankie has decided she’s paid her penance. Penance she didn’t deserve to pay. She’s done with Benny and the Bianchi family. She’s starting a new life away from Chicago and her heartbreaking history.

Benny has decided differently.

But Frankie has more demons she’s battling. Demons Benny wants to help her face. But life has landed so many hard knocks on Frankie she’s terrified of believing in the promise of Benny Bianchi and the good life he’s offering.

Frankie’s new life leads her to The ‘Burg, where Benny has ties, and she finds she not only hasn’t succeeded in getting away, she’s doesn’t want to.

 My Review:

Soooo, it's no secret that I'm a huge Kristen Ashley fan and that I'm usually losing my mind to get my hands on any of her new releases.  Well The Promise was at the top of that list because I have been waiting on Benny and Frankie's story for over a year now.  Unfortunately, this one left me disappointed mainly because I just couldn't really connect with either of the characters and the way Ashley chose to deal with their lingering issues.

For starters, Frankie has been the "black sheep" for the Bianchi family for over 7 years now because they blamed her.....unfairly I might add.....for Vinny Jr. joining the mob.  WTF!  Sooo the family basically disowns Frankie for 7 years and ALL of a sudden because she saves Vi's life, she is back in the fold without even receiving a Fecking apology from the members of the family that treated her like shit!  Who does that??????
Even more frustrating for me was the focus on Frankie putting the needs of others, mainly her dysfunctional family, before her own, only to have her allow the Bianchi's walk all over her.  For me, this was a huge contradiction.  Benny was all about Frankie making decisions on what was best for her, however he saw no need for his family to go the extra mile to make up for 7 years of hurt they inflicted?  Awe.....not okay!!!

With all of the previous Burg Series books, Ashley has clearly defined a plot that had a good balance of suspense, mystery, drama, and romance.  The Promise lacks a clearly defined plot for most of the book.  Additionally, it has become quite clear that Ashley's contemporary romance/suspense books are just repeats of one another.  The alpha men all read just alike and every heroine seems to be insecure, feisty, just a little bit quirky, oh and lets not forget "cute". 

Don't get me wrong, I love myself some alpha men that know how to take charge both in the bedroom and out but I need some uniqueness to my characters that I just have not found in the past 3 Kristen Ashley books.   To ensure I don't lose my love for her altogether, I'm taking a 6 month respite from Kristen Ashley books.  Hopefully absence will make the heart grow fonder otherwise, I might have to take her off my love of Lovelies!!!! I give The Promise 2 Keys and a Sweltering Caged Heart!


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