Thursday, July 17, 2014

Title: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires
Series: Half Moon Hollows, Book 1
12988478Author: Molly Harper
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 4 Notes, 4 Flames

Goodreads Synopsis:

Iris Scanlon, Half-Moon Hollow’s only daytime vampire concierge, knows more about the undead than she’d like. Running all their daylight errands—from letting in the plumber to picking up some chilled O neg—gives her a look at the not-so-glamorous side of vampire life. Her rules are strict; relationships with vamps are strictly business, not friendship—and certainly not anything else. But then she finds her newest client, Cal, poisoned on his kitchen floor, and only Iris can help.

Cal - who would be devastatingly sexy, if Iris allowed herself to think that way - offers Iris a hefty fee for hiding him at her place until he figures out who wants him permanently dead. Even though he’s imperious, unfriendly and doesn't seem to understand the difference between "employee" and "servant," Iris agrees, and finds herself breaking more and more of her own rules to help him - particularly those concerning nudity.

Turns out what her quiet little life needed was some intrigue & romance—in the form of her very own stray vampire.

Book Review:

This book was funny to me. Iris is working her butt off to make a way for her new business as being a concierge for the vampires and taking care of her younger sister, Gigi. All things that are needed to be done during the day are part of Iris' daily chores. These vampires are spoiled brats! On one exciting day, Iris is dropping off some items for a new client and finds him dying on the floor with blood everywhere. Cal is a very old vampire that does not think highly of humans. The last person he thought was going to save his undead life was a puny human. But luckily for him, Iris is no way a puny human. This chick has some fight in her. These two are able to make a deal for Cal to live with Iris until he is able to find out who poisoned him and find out who has been viciously killing people.

These two definitely have a love to hate each other relationship in the beginning. Cal does not see humans as being very high on the food chain and Iris just does not trust vampires. Iris has strict instructions for Cal to stay in the basement and not to be on the main or upstairs levels. She does not want to expose Gigi to him. Of course, Cal did nothing he was told and Gigi finds a handsome vampire walking around the house. Anywho,Cal is weak pretty much through the whole book and Iris is having to do more then expected to care of this stray vamp. Iris and Cal are very attracted to each other but Cal does not see himself being attached to anyone especially a human. Of course, this is a turn off for Iris but that does not stop the steamy vampire sex from happening. If it was only Iris, I think there would have been a different outcome but Gigi definitely got this Cal's lifeless heart.

Over all The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires gets 4 notes and 4 flames because Molly Harper ROCKS!!!!!! I love how this book and the Jane Jameson series connect. A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses here I come.


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