Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Title: Big Girls Do It Wetter
Series: Big Girls Do (Book 2)
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genre: Erotica

Welcome to the second installment of the Big Girls Do series. Whew was Big Girls Do It Better good or what? You haven't read anything until you see the new obstacle that Anna has put herself in.

So we were left with Anna leaving Chase and him going to New York for a recording deal. This wild experience allowed Anna to start looking at herself differently. Not only had a hot becoming rock star banged her back out but he wanted her to go with him. In Big Girls Do It Wetter, we get to see what happens when Anna tries to return back to the real world.

Jeff has been in love with Anna from jump but never approached her for more than friendship.(Women are not the only one's afraid of rejection.) Well, since Anna had her eye opening escapade with Chase she is looking at Jeff with new eyes. After a night of Anna being in a bitchy mood, her and Jeff get drinks after their shift to talk. One drink, two drinks, three drinks more and Anna is drunk. LOL. Jeff being the great guy he is did not allow

Anna to drive and took her back to his place. Anna now being all in her feelings finally made the move on Jeff but once again he was a good guy and did not take advantage. But the next morning one thing lead to another and now Jeff and Anna are an item. YAY...I heart Jeff. Things will go great with these two until Anna receives a note from our sexy rock star. If you think Big Girls Do It Better left you in a cliffhanger wait until you see what happens at the end of this one.

Jasinda Wilder did it yet again. I fell in love with Jeff. He is that super nice guy that every woman wish was real. Jeff was in love with Anna's curves before she even accepted her thickness. Jeff is the complete opposite of Chase. Chase lives in the fast lane through and through while Jeff takes his time and thinks before reacting. Making love is like an art to Jeff with the way he performs. If Anna didn't think she was sexy before, when Jeff got done she knew. The ending of this book had me ready to pull my dang hair out! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I was put in Anna's shoes. Lucky me I have Big Girls Do It Wilder on deck and starting it now. I give this book yet another 5 stars and 5 flames.


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