Sunday, September 29, 2013

Title: Damien
Series: The Nightwalkers (Book 4)
Arthur: Jacquelyn Frank
Narrated by: Xe Sands
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Since Jacquelyn Frank’s The Nightwalkers is the featured series for Sweaty Nights, I must talk about my favorite book. While Nettie fell head over heels for Gideon, my boy…or should I say my vamp Damien wins the competitions. I am happy we decided to re-enter this world because it makes my case that we live in the wrong realm!

Damien is the ruling vampire prince for his society so he’s no new comer to Nightwalkers. This dude has been around for centuries and has never mated or had any kids. Really how are you over a century old and you have no kids?! I need the name of his birth control. Anyway, Damien has been through multiple battles between the Nightwalker species but they are now at a time of peace. The peace does not include the shyte crazy Demon Ruth. Let me get back on track. When it’s time for the different societies to enter an old underground library Damien runs into Syreena, the Lycanthrope Princess. These two did not have the love at first sight thing going on but there was something.

I loved this book because it didn’t take long to get to the good stuff. Syreena gets kidnapped by Ruth and Damien is the person who notices something is wrong. When he found her scent he couldn’t understand why he was unable to just turn tail and keep it moving. Syreena just knew she was going to die when Ruth was able to capture her so when Damien came as the knight in shining armor that, took her for a loop. Through the whole book Syreena is trying to understand the logic behind the way she feels for Damien and why he would feel the same. The thing with Syreena is that she is a rare lycanthrope where she has two animals forms. Yes two. Most males want her because of her genes or for the throne. Poor Syreena was finding love in all the wrong places. That was not a huge concern for her though because she was also a monk. Until Damien got his hands on Syreena she was as pure as pure could get. Damien was able to show Syreena that even though they are from different races love has no limit. This was truly a love story. There are some kinky parts but for the most part it’s all about these two accepting their feelings and making it happen. This is definitely a story I will keep loaded on The Simi, AKA my iPod.

I am happy that Nettie and I were able to listen to the audiobook format for this series because Xe Sands gave the characters character. She was able to give each character an identity. At no time while listening did I get confused about which character was speaking. This chick does awesome work. Xe was truly able to give both the male and female characters diversity. What else can I say but Xe Sands is a keeper.   I'm giving this one 4 notes and 2 flames.


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