Thursday, August 1, 2013

So Celie and I have been thinking of ways to make things a bit interesting while also considering what we typical like in the blogs we stock, and we came up with the idea of doing a monthly segment of "Rockin Releases" where we highlight a few of the books we will be anxiously awaiting and  unashamedly stocking for.  Soooooo without further ado here's what we are dying to get our hands on for the month of August.
 Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, #8)

Any Kristen Ashley book is a Thick Chick's version of a triple chocolate hot fudge brownie sundae on a true PMS day!  We love all things Kristen Ashley and I can't wait to get my hands on Rock Chick Revolution.  Unfortunately, that damn Celie has been a thorn in my side, and placed me on Kristen Ashley restriction because I have devoured several of Kristen's books and she is quite a few books behind.  Anyways, I'm excited and sad all at the same time because Rock Chick Revolution is the final book in the Rock Chick Series and features Ally's story.  Since I'm still trying to read Luke's book (thanks Celie), I have no idea who her beau will be but I still can't wait!!!!

Up next for us is Chloe Neill's Biting Bad.  We abso' love, love, love Ethan and Merit and can't wait to see what's going down in Chicago with the Cadogan House Vampires.  In the last installment lots of developments happened, and I can't wait to find out what's going to happen with the Red Guard and how Cadogan House will move forward after what happened at the end of the last book.  If you love loads of twists and turns, with lots of actions and a bit of romance, check out Biting Bad, which releases of August 6, 2013.

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6)

This next book belongs to a series that we have always listened to via audiobook.  Ilona Andrews just released the next installment in the Kate Daniels Series called Magic Rises.  This was one of those series that we kept hearing all of the hype about but never picked up until late last year and when we did we are ashamed to admit we put it right back down because we couldn't pronounce half of the words in the book and it just made our brains hurt (giggles).  Well we eventually had the brilliant idea of listening to the series rather than reading it and boy were we in for a treat. It is read by Renee Raudman and she does a fantastic job of portraying the characters and drawing you into the storyline.  This one has already been downloaded and we will definitely be listening to this one soon.

The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld, #10)

Our final pick is a series that has been on our must read list since we started our romance book obsession and that's the Lords of the Underworld series.  Darkest Craving is book 10 in the series and features Kane who houses the demon of disaster.  Reading this one will be interesting considering all the rumors floating around that Gena has embraced Christianity and changed her usual writing style.  Personally, this one does not fall into my I am so a groupie category but it is a book that I will eventually read just to see what developments take place with the overall storyline.

These are our picks for the month of August and we hope you will check some of those out with us and leave us a comment to let us know what you think.  Until next month......Rock on!



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