Sunday, August 11, 2013

Title:  Hunted
Series:  Dark Protector's Book 3
Author:  Rebecca Zanetti
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Over a century ago, Connlan Kayrs accidentally mated the witch  Moira Dunne.  Realizing his mistake, and acknowledging he was not ready to take on the responsibility of being a mate, Connlan signed a treaty effectively agreeing not to claim her for 100 years to allow her time to train as the witch she was meant to be. 

Moira Dunne was born the 7th daughter of the 7th daughter, and prophecies have foretold that she would possess immeasurable power.  After having one lusty night filled with passion, she finds herself marked and mated by Prince Connlan, but before she can really wrap her head around the idea of being his forever, she discovers he willingly signed the treaty and left her to her training for 100 years.  Now her years are up and Conn has decided he is no longer waiting to possess his mate, however Moira has grown into an independent woman and has had years to consider that Conn sign over his rights to her without even talking with her first.  Will she find it in herself to forgive Conn and work through her insecurities with their relationship, or will she make the decision to leave Conn behind?

Conn's book starts out a couple of months after Dage's book with him going to Ireland to "force" his mate into safety.  I had very mixed feelings about this one because I found it hard to bond with Moira.  She initially came off to me as spoiled and self-centered, however as the story moved forward and she started to show more compassion for Conn she grew on me.  Conn, as with the other books in the series is bound and determined to keep everyone safe and place himself in harm's way.  He soon finds out that Moira has the same determination and the two constantly clash over him trying to shield and protect her from harm.  The other characters in the book are all present and we get a more in depth look at the blossoming relationship between Janie and the mysterious Zane.  Oh I can't wait to find out what Zane really is! 

All in all I give this one a solid 3 notes. The story was engaging and packed full of action.  The steam factor was no where near the level of Dage's book but still okay.  I'm so looking forward to Jordan and Katie's story.  It will be interesting to see if they figure out how to be with one another with war looming over their heads, and the virus reeking havoc on female mates and male shifters.  If you loved the other books and your up for an action packed read, pick up Hunted and give it a try!

Book reviewed by Nettie


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