Thursday, April 7, 2016

Worth It All (The McKinney Brothers, #3)Title:  Worth It All
Series:  The McKinney Brothers, Book 3
Author:  Claudia Connor
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Rating:  5 Sweltering Keys

**Disclaimer:  A copy of this book was provided to me by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

After a car accident stole his dreams of pro football, JT McKinney has made a new life for himself far away from his old one. He spends his time in a prosthetic research and development facility, his attention on machines instead of people until a chance meeting with a young mother and her five year old daughter who need his help. He'll have to let go of the past if he wants a future.
HOT dang, no author can do make me feel good contemporary romance quite like Claudia Connor.  I fell in love with her writing style and her characters in her first book on the McKinney clan and Worth It All elevated her to my favorite author that writes books with kids. Ms. Connor has mastered how to creatively write storylines on families coming together and heroes that can give their hearts in a big way to kids that aren't their biologically but belong to them in every other way. 

Worth It All features Jake McKinney, the brother that has been really aloof and withdrawn from the family.  In previous books, he is painted as the one who's bitter and wants nothing to do with his family and I never quite understood him until this book.  His backstory is full of angst and pain, along with a hefty dose of guilt that he's been carrying for several years.  In addition, Jake is also dealing with losing his leg in an accident that changed his life forever and the only way he has learned to cope so far it by using his smarts to build newer and better prosthetics for other people like himself.

Paige is a single mother working hard to finish college while taking care of her young daughter Casey.  She's not looking to find love or a man to distract her from the path she has set to make a better life for herself and her daughter.  But then she meets Jake, and he offers to help her by running tests and making sure Casey's prosthetic fits properly prior to her starting school.  Neither or them saw love coming but they both find themselves head over heels for each other.

I loved every single detail of Worth It All!  Casey is the real star of the book because she is carefree, happy, and embraces life.  Her scenes with Jake and the way they bond over only having one full leg are just heart melting.  Unlike the previous books, Claudia Connor does an old fashion slow build to the romance between Jake and Paige.  That's one of the things I loved most about this book.  Fans of the series are also treated with cameos from the McKinney clan.  I can't wait to see what's up next for this series.  I'm giving this one 5 sweltering Keys! 


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