Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hola Chickies!  Today our SINsual Sunday quote is coming from author Krystal Shannan.  It is a schorching HOT quote that will having you running for your closest Boo Thang!

She fiddled with the door latch behind her and finally pushed it open. He pushed his open as well and was at her side pulling her out of the sedan before she could even stand.

He ran his hands ran up and down the length of her body, kneading first her ass and then her breasts. The soft wetness of his mouth pressed to her neck and she wanted to howl for sheer delight. This was everything she’d wanted. Everything her body, mind, and soul had dreamed of since she’d seen him in that parking lot in Logan.

He claimed her mouth and thrust his tongue inside. She pushed back and he growled, pulling her body even closer. Her wet sex rubbed against the hard erection contained by his jeans. The only barrier between her and glorious nakedness was the tissue thin damp dress Tempe had dressed her in at the beginning of this horrible night.

The belts around her waist came loose first. He deftly worked the knots loose and then tore the dress from her body. Yes.

She caught the hem of his shirt and tugged it up. He obliged her and raised his arms so she could pull it free. His chiseled chest made her mouth water. The moonlight glistened off his sleek abs and she leaned down, tracing the tip of her tongue from one oblique to the other. The taunt muscles trembled beneath her tongue and she smiled.

Next she unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the pants down to his ankles. She licked her lips.Commando. Good boy. His cock thrust out from a nest of dark brown curls. Big beautiful and glistening with pre-cum. His scent filled her nostrils and she swiped her tongue across the velvety tip.

“Gods, Nicole.” He grabbed her shoulders, kicked out of his sandals, and pants and pushed her to the soft turf a few feet from the car. His mouth descended to one of her nipples and he bit down.

She squeaked and squirmed beneath him, moaning as the biting turned to kissing. He sucked the hard nipple into his mouth again and then moved to the other. Sensations of pleasure coursed from her breasts, through her abdomen and tugged at nerves connected to her clit. Her whole body burned to have him.

A growl rumbled from her chest. She shoved against the ground at her side used the momentum to roll him to his back. His mouth fell open in surprise and his eyes flashed gold. She narrowed her gaze, noticing his fangs descend in his mouth.

She licked her lips and leaned down to kiss him, pinning him to the ground for only a moment before he sat up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She squeezed tight and rubbed her wet sex over the tip of his hard length.

“You are determined to be in charge, aren’t you?” He placed a kiss on her shoulder, then moved along her collarbone to her neck and nipped first one side and then the other. “I can’t wait to put my mark all over you.”

“It only takes one bite, kitty cat.”

He snorted. “Just for that, it will be much more than one.”

She smiled. Good. ~ Taking Nichole by Krystal Shannan

Did you like that quote?  Well if so, stop by on Thursday and check out our interview with Krystal Shannan, as well as see our review of 2 of her HOT series!  Whew, off to find the hubby......


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