Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hola!  Over the Holiday season, Celie and I sat down and talked about a few changes we wanted to make to the blog for this upcoming year.  Since starting back in July, we have learned sooooo much about the blogging world and would like to continue to grow.  Here are a few of our goals for the upcoming year.

  1. We will be introducing a few new features to the weekly blog.  The first of which was launched on yesterday.  Bench Talk will be a feature that allows us to discuss general topics of interest to us and/or our readers.  We love to read your comments and respond so feel free to share your opinion and we will respond back.

  2. Celie will also be revamping On the Couch with Celie to be more focused on her top favorite shows, which will also include a weekly recap and live tweet during the show.  

  3. Last but not least is an issue that is near and dear to us. Being Thick Chicks, we often struggle with weight and striking the right balance between eating good food while also working towards a more healthy way of living.  To that end, we will be launching a fitness challenge (yet to be named) that incorporates our weight loss goals and our struggle to live a more healthy, holistic life!  We want our readers to get engaged and help us through the struggle while also sharing your stories of failures and success!  Keep a look out for that coming the first week in February!
 To those of you that visit on a frequent basis and to those who occasionally stop by, Thank You!  Please feel free to drop us a comment at any time.  ~ Nettie and Celie


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