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Blood Will Tell (Chimeria #1)Title: Blood Will Tell
Series: Chimeria (Book 1)
Author: Meredith Mansfield
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
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The Chimeria Series was gifted to me as part of this virtual tour in exchange for an honest review. After reading a description of the book, I was excited to enter the world known as Chimeria. WOW, did this book take me on a rollercoaster ride. Once I started the book, putting is down was not an option. (Sorry to all the people I ignored.)The different dynamics of each character made the perfect story.

The main character of Blood Will Tell is Valeriah, who had the good luck of being part wizard, unicorn, and werewolf. Chick has almost hit every genetic code in Chimeria. Unfortunately, werewolves are like an outcast and Vallie cannot actually shift. This made life hard for Vallie because she had to work ten times harder than everyone else. When Vallie was a child, her family was murdered by an unknown being, and she spent the rest of her childhood living with her grandfather and cousin Cristel. Once she reached adulthood, Vallie became a Portal Watch. Her whole life, Valeriah has wanted nothing more than to find the being that is responsible for murdering her family.While out on assignment, Vallie got the bad news that her grandfather was about to die. Rushing to be by his bedside, Vallie did not know how her life was about to take a tail spin.

Like Valeriah, Cristal’s family was also murdered when she was a child and she also grew up with their grandfather. Luckily for Cristal, she is part unicorn and wizard. Having this heritage, Cristal did not have all the difficulties growing up as Valeriah. Even though Cristal’s bloodline was looked upon differently than Vallie, she still loved her cousin as if they were the same.

Blood Will Tell really starts when Valeriah and Cristal take leave to meet with the Council to have their inheritance approved. When they are delivered bad news, Vallie and Cristal did not know that this would start the journey of fighting for a fair split of the inheritance and finding out who killed their families. On the journey of finding answers, they meet Rolf. Rolf has his own agenda when he meets up with Valeriah and Cristal, but stopping a murder attempt was not on that list. He is able to work his way into the fold but Rolf is keeping a big secret. This secret is so big that Valeriah would kill over it.

I heart Blood Will Tell because Valeriah has that strong girl power vibe and you can’t help but to want everything to work out for her. When Rolf enters the scene, I automatically started hoping for a love connection. In no way was that a letdown. Meredith Mansfield did a great job writing this book. She was able to make the characters develop the scene rather than narrate each situation. I have read so many books where the actual characters do not have much dialogue and the author is explaining every aspect of the story. I was able to develop a picture in my mind of this book as if I was looking at a scripted movie. I cannot wait to start Blood is Thicker and luckily for me I have it.


Blood Is Thicker (Chimeria, #2)Title: Blood Is Thicker
Series: Chimeria (Book 2)
Author:  Meredith Mansfield
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

Purchase the Book:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The adventure continues with Rolf and Valeriah in Blood is Thicker. After the being mated and being gifted with becoming a dragon, Rolf and Vallie are even more ready to start forever together. What neither of them suspected was for Valeriah to be pregnant. Valeriah nor Rolf were prepared to be parents so soon and Vallie certainly was not prepare to stay in dragon form until it was mastered. After a safe delivery of triplets, Rolf and Vallie's adventure beings when a problem is discovered at the Hatching Grounds.

The Hatching Grounds is located inside of a volcano. The heat acts like an incubator for the eggs until they hatch. Unfortunately, the vents inside the volcano are starting to deactivate. Valeriah is the first person that becomes aware of this and begins to panic. Her werewolf side will not allow her to leave her eggs with the Hatch Watchers because they are not pack. In comes Cristal to save the day! Cristal is able to stay with the eggs and keep Valeriah updated on the Hatching Grounds while they go to the other side. Drake, Rolf, Valeriah, and Kamara go to the other side in an attempt to understand why the vents are deactivating.

This installment had a lot of drama. The Matriarch in charge of Vallie's eggs shows her behind in this story because she showed a lack of interest in keeping all the eggs alive except for the gold egg. That makes sense since the gold egg will be a Gold Dragon. Vallie not being happy is an understatement when she was told how the Matriarch was treating her eggs by Gil. This makes finding the solution even more difficult because now Valeriah and Rolf have to spilt their time between worlds. I was not Team Matriarch. And if things weren't already stressful enough, we get some new Chimerians that say they were exiled over 200 years ago and are trying to find their way back home.

All in all, Blood is Thicker was a good book, even though I didn't like it as much as the first book. I feel like this book operates as a bridge into the next installment and  I can't wait for the next book because I want to see the other eggs hatch and also read about the exiled Chimerians. Overall I'm giving the series 3.5 notes and 1 flame!

About the Author:

 Professionally, I've been a financial analyst and a visual basic programmer. I also have a paralegal certificate, although I've never worked in that field. It's anybody's guess what I'll be when I grow up.

Imagining stories and writing have always been an important part of my life. It's one I've finally gotten to spend a significant amount of time on while I care for my mother who has Alzheimer's disease.

Connect with Meredith Mansfield:
Twitter: @MansfieldMJ


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