Sunday, October 6, 2013

Title:  Provoked
Series:  Dark Protectors (Book 5)
Author:  Rebecca Zanetti
Genre: Paranormal

Dear Rebecca Zanetti, you have renewed my faith in paranormal romances featuring vampires, and made me long for the days when I waited on pins and needles for the next Black Dagger Brotherhood book!  Sweet Jesus did I LOVE Kane Kayrs!

Known to the immortal world as the smartest immortal in existence, Kane is uber logical and has spent years suppressing his emotions in a effort to control his world!  That is....until he meets and touches the beautiful enhanced female, Amber Freebird. Amber is a rare enhanced human known to the immortals as the Destroyer because of her innate human ability to fight mind demons, and to Kane she is his only hope for finding a way to fight the demons that have imprisoned his younger brother Jase for nearly 5 years.

Provoked is book 5 in the series and picks up nearly 5 years after Jordan's book and the war is still going while Jase has been brutally tortured by the demon nation.  Kane sets out to apprehend the only Destroyer his allies have been able to find in almost 5 years with the hope that she will somehow help him infiltrate the demon fortress and reclaim his younger brother.  What he didn't know was that his journey would led him to his chosen mate and alter the foundation of his existence for eternity.

This series has fastly become one of my all time favorites because it combines two elements that I love in a book:  dominate alpha males and a strong sense of family loyalty.  From the first book, Zanetti created a world where vampires, shifters, witches, and demons existed together united against their enemy the Kurjans.  Well along the way, alliances were broken, new alliances were formed and the immortal world has engaged in a battle that has lasted more than 10 years.  While Kane and Amber's mating was quite different from the other three Kayrs brothers that have mated, their story is quite engaging and at times downright funny because of the antics Amber places Kane through to force him to accept, acknowledge and verbalize his feelings for her.  It was great to see him loose control and have to step outside of his rigid demeanor to figure out how to interact with his new mate.

The mystery surrounding Janie and her role in the future continues, however Zanetti significantly advances Janie's character maturity and instead of taking orders, she is coming into her own and thus hiding her own secrets.  I'm still dying to know what Zane is, other than a vampire, and I suspect that Janie made a crucial mistake in this book that may have dire consequences down the line.  I also suspect Kalin may not be as evil as he presents and Janie may actually be his savior.  Whether or not my theory will prove true, who knows but I do know that both Zane and Kalin issued a warning to Janie in this book. With Zanetti's history of advancing the series several years ahead, we may see some interaction on the Janie, Zane and Kalin front sooner rather than later.

Up next is Jase's book and I have been granted an advanced copy (though not too advance since the book was about to release) so I'm rolling right on over to Jase to see what happens next!  Provoked is received 41/2 notes and 5 flames because Kane PUT IT DOWN!!!!!

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