Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Title:  Play of Passion
Series:  Psy/Changeling
Author:  Nalini Singh
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Happy Tuesday Morning folks! This weekend I had some free time while cleaning the house and I, being the obsessed book fan that I am, plugged in my headphones and proceeded to listen to an oldie but goodie from Nalini Singh!  Words cannot express how much I abso love Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling Books!  They are number one on my list of Paranormal Romance which means I have them all in book and audiobook format because who knows when I might need a Singh fix so I'm always prepared.  I'll also admit that some are more of my favorites than others and so this weekend my pick was Andrew and Indigo's book Play of PassionPssst, Sorry Hawk!

Now that I have appropriately apologized to my man (Hawk), I can tell you guys all about Andrew.  Andrew (Drew) Kincaid is the middle brother in the Kincaid clan, the joker of the pack, and ultimately the heart of what makes the Snow Dancer Pack so special.  He's the pack tracker for wolves that lose control and go feral but he is also the go-to guy in the pack that collects and funnels information.....strategically acting as Hawk's eyes and ears!  Well Drew has had a thing for Indigo, a Snow Dancer Lieutenant for quite a while and has decided that he's ready to stop playing games and go after what he wants.  The only problem is Indigo is a dominant wolf in the pack, as well as a Lieutenant and she would never look to Drew as a potential mate!
Indigo Riviere has pretty much shielded herself from relationships because she is a dominant wolf and knows her potential for finding a mate is slim to none due to her dominant nature and her belief that another dominant male would never allow her to be her true self.  When Drew makes his interest in her known, Indigo initially is furious with Drew for thinking he could claim "skin privileges" and even more upset because he insights a ferocious hunger in her like no other wolf she has ever encountered.

As with all of Nalini Singh's book, she creates a strong bond with her characters that forces you to feel like you really know her them, and then leaves you craving more even after you've gotten to the happily ever after!  Drew and Indigo's book is no different.  There story takes you beyond Drew's playful nature and shows you the heart of a wolf that lost his parents when he was just a cub to the man that has been become an integral member of the pack.  His courting of Indi was heartfelt, intense at times, and downright mind blowing!

Indigo is forced to confront her fears and allow herself and her wolf to open up to the possibility that Drew may be the best thing to ever happen to her!  As always Indi rises to the occasion and after acknowledging that Drew would never force her to live in his shadow, or ever expect her to be anything except who she really is, she accepts him into her heart and boy was it beautiful!

If you have loved all of Nalini Singh's other books and haven't gotten to Play of Passion, get your booty in gear and start reading.  If you haven't read any of Singh's book.....WTF is wrong with you?  She is awesome, you won't be sorry, oh and you'll most definitely be leaving me a comment to tell me thanks for putting her on your radar.  I'll admit she set on my "to read" list for quite some time because the book covers are a bit cheesy but.....when I picked up the first book it was heaven in an alternative world and I haven't look back!  I'm giving Drew 5 notes and 5 flames because that boy was awesome!

To Hawk Snow:  Sorry Hawk, I'll listen to you next weekend and even though I love Andrew, you still remain my #1 guy so I wasn't really cheating on you even though it might have appeared that way.......Love Nettie!


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