Thursday, October 31, 2013

Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks, #1)Title:  Killing Time
Series:  One-Eyed Jacks (Book 1)
Author:  Cindy Gerard
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Having been a BIG fan of Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series, I had high hopes for Killing Time.  While I wasn't exactly disappointed, I had a hard time getting through the book and felt the main characters just didn't have that realistic spark that makes readers crave more from the characters.

Mike Brown, an ex-black ops operative has spent the last eight years hating himself after losing several of his brothers in arms during Operation Slam Dunk (OSD).  Resolved to only drink once a year in honor of his friends, and the clusterfuck that has become his life, Mike has no idea the sexy chica dancing to gain his attention will change his life forever! 

CIA attorney Eva Salinas has no idea the top-secret documents dropped in her lap would give her the answers she desperately needs to explain the mysterious death of her husband.  After careful research, she discovers Brown's role in OSD and seeks him out to demand an explanation of his actions.  She was in no way prepare for the attraction she feels towards Brown, and even less prepared for him to reveal deep anguish over what happened along with a revelation that he's innocent of the charges held against him. Now the two must stop at nothing to clear Brown's name, gain the truth about what really happened, and dodge the deadly assassin sent to end both of their lives.

Killing Time was just an okay read for me.  It didn't pull me in and make me want more like the Bodyguard series.  The parts that worked for me in this book was the action, the suspense, and the humor. Mike Brown's character is a wise ass and he has no problem dishing out wise cracks even in the middle of a dangerous situation.  I enjoyed the suspense and the buildup to the villain in the book which was a shocker because it turned out to be the person least expected to the responsible.  Additionally, I liked Mike's character interaction with the other two members from his original One-Eyed Jacks team.

The parts that didn't work for me was the romantic relationship between Mike and Eva.  While they definitely turned up the sheets, the sex was written more as a means for relieving stress and not because of a dire attraction for one another.  Their relationship was unrealistic and the declaration of love felt forced and out of place.  The two characters never really connected and after just 3 days and 2 rumps in the hay Mike is declaring to himself that he loves her......awe no!  This declaration comes prior to them ever having any discussions about their individual personal lives and in the middle of an op where they spend more time apart than together.

I do intend to continue the series because I have faith in Gerard's writing, and because I believe there had to be a book to explain the history before moving forward.  Because this was a steady read, albeit not engrossing like normal, I'm giving this one 3 notes and 3 flames.  I'm looking forward to see what Gerard does with the series moving forward.


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