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Atlantis Unleashed: Warriors of Poseidon, Book 3 | [Alyssa Day]Title:  Atlantis Unleased
Series:  Warriors of Poseidon (Book 3)
Author:  Alyssa Day
Narrator:  Joshua Swansan
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

I have sat on this review for days trying to figure out what to say, while also trying to figure out whether I didn't like the book because of the narrator or because of the content.  To say I'm still confused in an understatement! Here's what I have figured out so far.

I read the first two books rather than listening to them and I'm glad this was a library loan rather than an audiobook I invested in because I was sorely disappointed in the narration of the book.  I will not be listening to any of the other books because unfortunately the same narrator has been chosen for the entire series.  There was a lot missing in this book that I enjoyed with the other two books and hopefully it won't be a continuation as the series moves forward.
Lord Justice is a Warrior of Poseidon cursed by the God Poseidon to never utter a word of his true heritage because if he does, he will be forced to kill whoever he reveals himself to.  Justice is also half Atlantean and half Nereid and his two sides are dueling for control.  Atlantis Unleashed picks up months after the last book where Justice made the ultimate sacrifice by giving himself over to the Vampire Goddess Anubisa but not before revealing his true heritage of being the bastard son of the former King and brother to Connlan and Ven. Dr. Keely McDermott is an archaeologist and also an "object reader".  Keely can read an object's history by touching it with her bare hands.  She has somehow been connected to the ancient artifacts of Atlantis because they speak to her and ultimately leads her to her true mate Justice. 

There was very little I liked about this particular book except Keely's compassion for the village of people that had been brutalized and attacked by a local vampire horde.  There was quite a bit missing from this book and the one thing that really stood out was that Justice didn't really have any interactions with the other warriors.  One of the things that has stood out to me with the other two books was the comradery between the warriors.  Given that Justice had little to no interaction with the other warriors this was definitely a missing point in the book.  I was also quite confused with the back and forth between Justice's two personalities, as well as the back and forth from past to present time.  Finally, I was not a true believer in the romance between Justice and Keely and found it hard to connect with either of the characters.  I really hope that Alyssa Day doesn't follow the same model of J.R. Ward and move away from the warrior interaction with future books because that was what made the books good to me.

Joshua Swanson's narration of this particular book was not a good fit for the characters involved.  I was so disappointed with his portrayal of the warriors and felt that he didn't really match the voice to their individual personalities.  Overall it wasn't totally bad book as I was able to get an update on Aleric and Quinn and I'm anxiously awaiting their book.  We get some good insight into some of the variables that happened in the past that may lend more understanding to the solution to Aleric and Quinn's future.  I'm giving this one 3 notes and 3 flames.



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