Friday, September 20, 2013

Title: Devoured
Series: Devoured (Book 1)
Arthur: Emily Snow
Narrated by: Elizbeth Louise
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Devoured is a great kick off book! Sienna Jensen is a recent college grad that refuses to move back home. She plans to stay in California and make her dreams a reality. Unfortunately, her dreams hit a rock when she finds out her grandmother’s house is going through foreclosure. In an effort to support her grandma at this hard time, Sienna takes off work and heads home to Nashville. What Sienna did not expect was to run into the man she has been working hard to forget.

Lucas Wolfe is a millionaire rocker that fell for Sienna while working on his video set. Thinking Sienna was into the kinky stuff, Lucas makes a huge mistake with assumptions. His almost one night stand with Sienna leaves him constantly thinking about what he missed. What Lucas did not know was that Sienna’s grandma owns the house he is currently purchasing. Let’s just say that their reunion was not welcome by both parties.

The narrator for this book did a great job reading. She was able to bring the characters to life and give them attitude. Sienna’s character had to grow on me. She has certain people she is able to stand her ground with but for the most part she keeps a lot to herself. Sienna has an inner kinky side that she is afraid to explore and constantly wonders what could have happen with Lucas. 

I love Lucas. He knows what he wants and he knows exactly how to manipulate a situation to benefit himself. This book is hot and steamy with enough storyline to keep your attention. I am hoping that book 2 picks up where this one stopped because I did not like the way it ended.  I'm giving this one 4 notes and 4 flames!  Smokin.....


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