Monday, September 2, 2013

Title: The Guardian
Series: Dark Hunters Book 21

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Wow!  Where do I start with this one....after listening to Acheron’s story I didn’t think Sherrilyn Kenyon could make another story that brought tears to my eyes. But then, she wrote Seth’s book. This dude had such a hard childhood that I was depressed for most of the book!

Seth has an Egyptian God as a father and a human mother that should have been beat to death. This chick named Seth after his father who in turn, hated and rejected his son. His mom was so unhappy with her son that she took him into the desert and after breaking his knees left him to die alone. Do you want to find this chick yet????  I did....anyway, poor young Seth already had it bad but it got even worst. While stranded in the desert some were-hunter jackals took him in making him think he was part of the family. But no that’s no enough. The jackals turn around and sold Seth to a punk name Noir. Noir constantly abuses poor Seth to the point Seth has no self-esteem and believes himself to be worthless. Luckily, for Seth a women name Lydia enters his realm on a completely different mission.

Lydia is a dream-hunter but she is also a were-hunter jackal. That's a mouth full to say when trying to tell someone your heritage! Lydia is on a rescue mission to save a man name Solin. While attempting to leave she ran into the guardian, Seth. Unknown to Lydia, Seth keeps her a prisoner until Solin is able to return with a key that Noir demands Seth to find. While being held prisoner, Lydia cannot understand why Seth treats her with kindness one minute and the next argues with her. She does not learn his story until Seth leaves her in the protection of a man named Jaden. Not only does she learn of the harsh punishment Seth has endured, but she learns that he hates were-hunter jackals. Lydia has to fight to gain Seth’s trust and show him that people can love him.

This story took me through so many different emotions. Lydia was raised in love and kindness, and was able to show Seth that not everyone would treat him like trash. Seth had such a hard life that I was overjoyed to see him have such a happy ending. My only wish for this book was that Seth was given the chance to see his parents for his retribution. I like Sherrilyn Kenyon and have enjoyed the Dark Hunter Books so I plan to keep reading them as long as she keeps writing! Technically this book is about a 3.5 overall notes but since we don't have half notes I gave the book a 4. 

Rock’n Review by Celie


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