Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The popularity of audiobooks has steadily grown over the past few years with the introduction of Amazon's Audible.com company.  Audible.com is a web based provider that features audiobooks from all different genres, as well as educational lectures, and other news media.

The beauty of signing up for an Audible.com account is that you can sign up for a plan that fits your needs, you get 24 hour customer service, and they have a no questions asked return policy for any book you purchase and don't like!  The other beautiful part of using an audible account is they have created digital downloads so you can sync directly to your Apple IPod, IPad, Droid, Kindle, and many other digital devices with the ability to play mp3 files.  No longer do you have to purchase the discs and then individually download each one, while trying to understand the complicated method of coding so that the tracks play in order before you can sync it to your favorite on-the-go device. What a major pain in the arse the old method was!

Wow, fantastic huh! Well Celie and I think so, and have been listening to audiobooks for years! Our Audible.com accounts are extensive and has most definitely grown over the past few years.  I have made a conscious effort to try to find some other good resources for audiobook downloads and have had quite a bit of success with Tantor Media .  They always have a bargain bin with $6.99 downloads and frequently run sales for 50% off certain authors.  They have a pretty good selection, however I have found Audible to have a much wider range.

With all of that said, Celie and I usually listen to at least 1-2 audiobooks per week and were thinking of a way to bring our audience into our world of listening.  Starting today, we will do a weekly feature that highlights the audiobook releases for each week.  Additionally, we are going to start posting some audiobook reviews to give you some insight into what we thought about our favorite books!

If you haven't tried audiobooks and are looking for a way to get more reading done with limited time, give it a try!  I have found few books that I didn't like because of the reader, but Audible will give you a freaking refund if you don't like the person reading the book so why not take a chance!  I ask, how much better can it get? I leave you with the Top Five Reasons you should try audiobooks:

  1. You can finally stop skipping over those words in your favorite paranormal/urban fantasy books that you can't seem to pronounce!  Love me some Ilona Andrews but can't pronounce half the words in their books!
  2. Your use of obscene words, obscene gestures, and horn blowing significantly decreases because you're listening to a book and too many exciting things are happening inside your car for you to care about other drivers!
  3. You can put on headphones and tune out your kids and spouse! Totally worth it......
  4. Audiobooks make cleaning the house so much easier! I mean come on, you clean while listening to Christian Grey say Eat Anastasia, Sit Anastasia, Come Anastasia!
  5. You can really challenge yourself to set some new reading goals because you have more options for getting your reading done
Until next time....Laters Chickies!


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