Diaries of 2 Thick Chicks  was created by two crazy friends (Celie & Nettie) that bonded over their love of reading romance and urban fantasy books.  We love reading so much we wanted to share with the online community.  Please read below to find out more about us individually.

All About Nettie 
I am a 36 year old married mother of 2 fantastic boys.  I've been married for 14 years and my wonderful husband grants me all the time in the world to read my books.  My love for reading started out with Judy Blume and Stan and Jan Berenstain.  I later fell in love all over again with J. K. Rowlings and the Harry Potter Series, which turned into Twilight and later the Blackdagger Brotherhood.  When I found the BDB, I was completely in awe and thus my obsession with all things Romance (except Historicals) was born.  That was 4 years ago and 400 books later, I'm still obsessed! I'm so obsessed I got Celie on board and we have been BFFs (Book Friends Forever) every since. 

In order for you to get to know me a little bit better, I'm doing a list of 5 funny things all about me.  

  1. I sometimes live in a dream world where Hawk Snow (Psy/Changlings) is my husband and I'm a wolf that lives in California
  2. I love steamy book scenes as long as they don't use the "P" or "C" word!  The "P" and "C" word makes me uncomfortable and I cringe every time I hear/see it even though I have no problem with the male parts "D" or "C"! (Celie stop laughing your arse off)
  3.  I secretly stock all things Kristen Ashley and am constantly looking for web posting stating that she's releasing new books!
  4. I often hide from my kids so that I can read and just be left the HELL alone!  My books are good damn it!
  5. I really wish my book boyfriends were real because SERIOUSLY I'm a thick girl and I need a man that can throw my ass on the wall! Hee hee, just kidding honey!
In reality I am a Administrative Coordinator and Therapist.  I enjoy working with and helping people overcome their personal struggles.  I invite you to join our crazy world every now and then, send us your comments, and  remember Chicks Rule!

All About Celie
I am 29 year old mother a of beautiful hamster. I am single and waiting for my dream book man to appear. I started reading books when Twilight New Moon came out. After the movie, I ran to a book store and started the series. Unfortunately for me, I had nothing else to read so this series was read an embarrassing amount of times. Then one day, Nettie introduced me to The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I also read that series an embarrassing amount of time. Thank goodness we moved on to adult books. We had no clue what we were missing. The series that made me the freak I am today is Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon. All I can say is sweet jaysus! I can successfully say that my mind is now completely corrupt.

Here are my 5 funnies:

  1. I pray everyday that vampires, werewolves, or even demons exist. I have a love interest in every species.
  2. I have absolutely NO problem saying "P" or "C"! (Nettie just passed out.)
  3. I am deeply in love with Robert Pattinson. Like I have decorated my office with him.
  4. I will not answer my phone or door if I am reading. I don't understand why people don't understand this.
  5. I agree with Nettie. I need these book dudes to be real because I'm a big girl hell I want to be picked up and banged on a wall too. Shyte the wall, ceiling, stairwell, sky...you get my point.
In my daily life, I am an accountant. I love numbers but I love my book men even more.


  1. Well Cellie that was a little more than I wanted to know about my daughter (smile)

  2. I left Nettie a message on bookblogs. I am following you now. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for blogs. Go here to see and respond. Best, Andrea


    1. Great News! Thanks for the nomination Andrea. Celie and I will definitely check you out and follow you back.

  3. Thanks for your posts on my new book "Through His Eyes." I appreciate the time you took and it's such an honor to be on your blog. You chicks rock! :-)


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