Thursday, October 1, 2015

22891442Title: BI-Satisfied
Author: Nikki-Michelle
Genre: Urban Erotica

**Disclaimer:  A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Summer Kennedy is a power player in Atlanta, GA. She has been on a journey of self-discovery since she was old enough to remember. From love to the identity of her real parents to her openly brazen sexuality, she has always felt something was missing. Working side by side with powerhouse lawyer and best friend David Hall, an openly bi-sexual black male, Summer feels a spark with David that dares to challenge the laws of attraction. Can Summer lose herself in David’s erotic call?

When Michael, David's friend and ex-lover, comes into town, the game of cat and mouse between two friends changes everything for Summer. Michael is aware of her sexual desires, and he uses her in his plot against the man who did something so unforgivable that ten years later, Michael is still looking to make him pay.

In order to understand the method to Michael’s madness, you’ll have to take a walk on the wild side. Take a journey of learning to accept what society deems as unacceptable. Find out what happens when you mix sex, half-truths, and hidden agendas with burning lust and sexual curiosity.

Could you date a man that was 100% about his sexuality? What about a man that's so sure about his sexuality that he has been with men and women? Would you still date that man? This are the questions plus more that Summer has to ask herself. This chick is pretty much in LOVE with her best friend, David, but can't get over the fact that he is bisexual. He has never hidden this from her and he is as clean as a baby's butt. Put yourself in Summer's shoes....are you secure enough with yourself to be with a man that will look at another man the same way you do?

David is this down for whatever cool arse dude. He is smart, sexy, and confident. Heck, he is the complete package. The only thing holding David back from what he wants is Summer. David has been waiting for Summer to tell him one simple word....yes. Until that time, he tries his best to only be that friend she needs while she sleeps with married men. That grinds his gears like nobody's business. But when a blast from David's past show his face, all bets are down and nobody will hold back.

Summer and David have hit a point in their friendship where Summer has to decide if she wants to be with David or stay strictly friends. These two have never has been strictly friends. I don't have a male friend that I feel comfortable kissing on the lips or even sitting on his lap. NO MA'AM! But these two send each other mixed signals all the time. So when David's old friend Michael comes into town everything gets even more confusing.

Michael has an ulterior motive of why he now all of a sudden wants to meet with David. You see, David and Michael at one time were friends with benefits. They would have fun together and something include others. Things went south with them when Michael fell in love with his now wife. David did not take that well and banged said wife....I know, pick your mouth up off the floor. So, to say these two have stuff to clear up is an understatement. Now, Michael shows up in town to have a much needed talk with David but ends up wanting to bang him and add a little Summer in the mix. Michael already has a feeling that Summer is attracted to him but making his move is the trick. Things get HEATED when Michael makes his move but David is finally the one to make Summer say YES!!!!!

Sweet baby Jaysus Bi-Satisfied was all kinds of AWESOME!!!!!!! This is one of those books that people will turn their nose up at because they are not secure with themselves. I don't have that problem. LOL Anywho, the chemistry that David and Summer have is hot. Then adding Michael to the mix and you have a fire waiting to happen. One of the good things I enjoyed about Bi-Satisfied is even when Michael and David got to enjoy one another it was not overly detailed. Like we didn't get the step by step manual on how to insert penis in anus. Too much information? My bad. Here are a list of items you will NEED while reading this book:

1. Panty Liners
2. A few bottles of wine
3. A man or B.O.B on standby
4. 24-hrs of silence

Now when you are prepared, get comfortable because you will not put the book down until the last page. Heck, even at the last page you will want to keep flipping because the ending is a complete WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS type moment. In fact, have a bottle of wine reserved for the end of the book.

Overall, Bi-Satisfied is INSANELY SWELTERING!!! Like I need this book in audiobook format with a man reading that has a really deep voice. Goodness, I just had a hot-flash thinking about it. Happy reading.


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