Thursday, May 8, 2014

Title: Aflame
Series: Apotheosis (Book 1)
Author: Krissy Daniels
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Notes, 3 Flames

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description:

To save her soul, he’ll let her burn.

Grayce has been on the run for years. Having escaped an abusive relationship with a violent psychopath, she is trying to rebuild her life one small step at a time. Things are going well until Zander crosses her path, badass and sexy as hell. His presence awakens heated desires she long ago buried. Last thing Grayce wants is a man, and the way her body reacts to Zander scares her more than the threat of being found.
Tyr will do anything to get his little dove back. She is a Beacon, and her raw, burning energy gives him power and strength. More than the evil that already compels him. But a blond giant of a man hovers protectively around her. No matter. He’ll play with him too.

When Zander rescues Grayce from Tyr’s first attempt to reclaim her, he reveals his superhuman abilities. Power that Grayce also has, but has yet to understand. As predestined soul mates, Zander must help Grace control her rage before her fire threatens to destroy everyone and everything in her path. But his true challenge is more than that—to show her it’s possible to trust and love again. 

CONTENT WARNING: Hot sex with a foul-mouthed firecracker.

Book Review:

Zander is head over heel excited that he has finally found his soul mate but the reaction that he received from her was confusing. Zander is so the take charge alpha man. He just could not understand way his mate was not happy to finally be in his arms. Grayce is a traumatized woman that hates all men and in hiding. She has every reason to feel the way she does since a man she thought loved her turned out to be crazy as all get out. This dude, Tyr, violated her in ways that make you want to get a red hot poker and shove it up his you know what. (Evil laugh.)  It doesn't help that Zander and Grayce first officially meet because a guy is trying to kidnap her. Grayce does not understand her body's reaction to Zander especially since she hates and have zero trust in all men. After Tyr breaks into her apartment and shows her that she may have thought she was hiding but he knew where she was the whole time, Zander takes her to their house. House is an understatement. This dude built her a mansion. This is way outside of Grayce's comfort zone but she stays around due to the danger Tyr has presented. Things between these two heat up fast but Grayce does not understand her feeling and she does not feel like she is worth Zander's love. Between Grayce learning about who she is, Zander trying to keep her from running, and trying to catch Tyr before he is able to get Grayce again, this book has you on edge until the last period.

Overall I liked the book. I liked that we are able to get the POV of the main characters. So much gets left in the air when we don't get a chance to get the other side of stories. Zander came off a little strong for me. He was sweet but he did not give Grayce much of a chance to grow into the relationship. This chick needs YEARS of therapy. There were a few twist and turns that I would like to see the outcomes of especially Marcus finding his mate. This book gets 3 notes and 3 flames because it was a good read and the sex scene will get you hot. 
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About the Author:

Krissy is a full time writer, reader and lover of all things romance. As a child surrounded by the great outdoors, life was full of adventure that fueled an overactive imagination and ignited a passion for storytelling. Whether it be dolls, or running free through the wooded areas surrounding her home, playtime always included a tormented villain, a damsel in dis-tress and a larger than life hero.

After relentless encouragement from friends and family, she finally put the characters in her head to pen and paper. The only thing she loves more than curling up with a steamy romance novel, is cozying up to her desk and writing her own sexy adventures to share with others.  

If you want to know more about Krissy, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting Aflame today!

    1. It was a pleasure. I look forward to reading more of the series. I want to see Grayce grow and learn that she can love and is worth loving. You made the perfect character in Zander.


  2. Sounds interesting

    1. It's a good read and a different turn on fallen angels. Give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.


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