Friday, March 28, 2014

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12)Holy chickies....Happy Friday and all that jazz!  If you're like Celie and I the hype over J.R. Ward's latest edition to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, The King is in full swing.  With that being said, there are a few things you must do prior to the official release of the book.
  1. Officially start hacking at work on Monday morning to justify your sick call into work

  2. Wake up at zero:30 in the morning on 4/1 to download a copy of the audiobook from Audible...cause why the hell would you read that shit when Jim Fragione can read it to you?

  3. Put a Do-not-fecking-disturb sign on the door so there are no interruptions! - This is VERY important

  4. Commence listening....while also yelling about having Wrath/Beth moments interrupted by the fecking bastards that you don't give a shit about!
So those are the things that should be done in advance of purchasing the book/audiobook on Tuesday.  But even more important is taking some time to consider all the freaking lingering details J.R. Ward and given throughout the series and hoping/praying that for once, she sticks to her fecking storyline and answers some of the following questions:
  1. Where is the damn Scrib Virgin?  That chick been missing since Payne's book and in multiple ways.

  2.  When is Butch's ass going to be able to demateralize.  Come on, Dude been running for the Escalade for 18 years now!

  3. What was the purpose of introducing Butch and Manny as brothers but also relatives to Wrath if you were never going to explore the storyline? Really J.R. Really!

  4. Who's the Baby Daddy?  I mean, inquiring minds want to know - who was the mysterious doctor impregnating vampire hybrids!

  5. When is Layla going to drop the damn load already?

  6. How the feck did Quinn's brother survive in the damn closet/wall for all these damn years? Where they do that at?

  7.  Where the FECK is Rhage and Mary's baby book!  Chick you told us that one was coming after Rev's book!  That was 5 books ago Damn!

  8. Why the HELL should we care about Asil and Sola?  

  9. Celie wants to know where the HELL BOO at?  George is front and center but dammit Boo was there first!

  10. Why is it John Matthew and Beth don't have a relationship when they are brother and sister? Hold the Feck up....actually they are father and daughter but who's counting the numerous confusing storylines at this point!

  11. Why we don't ever see Nayla in the damn house... oh and where is Fury baby?

  12. How BIG is this fecking house anyway? Damn they running a Motel 6 with the light out and no one paying rent!  Again, where they do that at?

So there you have it folks, our list of questions we HOPE J.R. Ward addresses in The King!  We'll have to revisit this list after listening to the book to see how well it goes.  Even though I often end up disappointed and think the series should just end already because she has moved so far beyond the parts that made the series so special...I'm on board for the hype!

Laters Chickies!


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