Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Which of Your Favorite Book Series Have Reached the Point Where You Think it....Just End Already???

Do you have a favorite series that has just gone down hill and but you loved it so you torture yourself and read every book that comes out anyway and then when you're done you ask yourself......REALLY chick?  Soooo, Celie and I have been major fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood because Dark Lover was our first real introduction into the "Adult" romance book world, however......it is also one of the series that we feel should just END already! J.R. Ward has unfortunately moved so far away from what made the books special to us that we would rather see the series end than continue the way it's going. No longer do our FAV characters show up in the books...instead we are treated to the Band of Bastards and other characters that seemingly appear out of nowhere.  The problem is....every year when a new BDB is coming out we get all sucked up into the hype and run out on release day to purchase it!  I know....totally dysfunctional because when it's over we are left feeling let down and promise ourselves that we will not fall prey to the hype again!  But alas, I have already been devouring every little morsel from J.R. Ward on Facebook with little insights into the upcoming BDB book The King.  What has really put me in a bad mood is, I LOVE Beth and Wrath but from the descriptions of the book, it will be a Band of Bastards, Assil, Sola and whoever else that means NOTHING to me book!  Can you tell I'm PISSED?  Doesn't matter because stupidly, I'm still going to purchase/download the audiobook because HELLO Jim Fragione will be narrating it and I can't help myself.

Other series we would place in this category would be the:

    1. Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon because 500 books later we still don't know who/what Savitore is and there is plans to write his book anytime soon.

    2. Dark Series by Christine Feehan because there are 342 of those which are all the same book with different characters and slightly different story lines. Christine really can you just write another Ghost Walker Book please!!!!

    3. In Death Series by J.D. Robb

    4. House of Night Series by P.C. Cast
    What books series have made the list for you that should just plain END? Drop us a comment in the comment section and let us know.

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    1. I am so ready for the brotherhood to end! I LOVE Rhage but I don't get any time with his story. I don't care about the bastard or these new characters. I hope that Wrath's book is not a disappointment like Quay's book. Their book was such a let down.


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